News / 5.27.2017

Combat: Super Charged!

Our goal for combat in PRLW is to create fast, intuitive, and reactive online PvP. We want players making fast decisions, observing and adapting to their opponents, and searching and



News / 5.25.2017


We’re happy to announce the reveal of the new Mission events for Legacy Wars! Starting in the next update (1.3), all of our Heroes fighting for the Morphin Grid will

News / 5.18.2017

Developer Diary #4: Character Balancing & Creative Process

Explain the recent character balances (e.g Team Health): Balance updates are a necessary part of keeping Legacy Wars strong, and ensures that players have a wide selection of teams and

News / 5.10.2017

Version 1.2 Release Notes

What’s New? New League, New Warriors, Friendly Matches, Warrior Balance and more….. New League League 7- Mesogog’s Island Fortress League 7 at 4000 Medals New Warriors Common Leader: Dino Charge

News / 5.08.2017

Zordon’s Balance Changes – Coming Soon on 5/11

Zordon is watching and in this round of balance changes we’re making adjustments to Dash Push, Black Ranger (2017 Movie), Robo Knight and more…

News / 4.12.2017

Version 1.1.5 Release Notes

New League League 6 – Harwood County War Zone League 6 at 3400 Medals New Warriors New League 2 Rare Leader: Mighty Morphin – Lord Zedd New League 4 Rare

News / 3.29.2017

How ‘Power Rangers’ Morphed Into a Top Mobile Game

Moviegoers turned up in droves over the weekend to watch the Power Rangers take on arch nemesis Rita Repulsa. But the battle extended well beyond the movie screens to mobile

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