News / 2.13.2021

Happy Valentine’s Day! (2021)

Happy Valentine’s Day from Power Rangers: Legacy Wars! Love is in the air on the Morphin’ Grid, and we’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with some special offers, challenges, and more! Special



News / 2.12.2021

Conner McKnight Enters the Grid

Conner McKnight Scores a Goal in Legacy Wars Conner McKnight is an Epic attacker that’s great at getting up close and personal with low cost aggression. He’s the first character

News / 2.03.2021

February 2021 Balance Update

February 2021 Balance Patch Update The patch’s main focus centers on Leaders that can be used more effectively now with the new stats. Changes in EP costs, attack speed and

News / 1.15.2021

Daggeron Enters the Grid

Daggeron Shines Brightly in Legacy Wars Daggeron is a defender leader that has no trouble starting combos after blocking. Each of his four attacks in normal mode can be used

News / 12.23.2020

Happy Holidays! (2020)

Happy Holidays from Power Rangers: Legacy Wars Happy Holidays Rangers! ‘Tis the season to be jolly, and in celebration, we’ve got some seasonal challenges and sales happening. ‘Twas the night

News / 12.11.2020

Scorpina Enters the Grid

Scorpina Takes On Legacy Wars Scorpina is a defender with an eye-catching kit that Legacy Wars has never had before: 2 counters, 2 breakers. That’s right, no strikes. While this

News / 11.13.2020

Delphine Enters the Grid

Delphine makes a splash in Legacy Wars Delphine is a balanced leader with tricky strikes and a damaging breaker. The range and speed of her primaries make her able to

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