News / 6.26.2020

Kiya, Omega Blue Ranger, enters the Grid!

Kiya bares her scars in Legacy Wars With two 50/50s, great range, and an immensely damaging special slot, Kiya is a warrior to be feared. She doesn’t have a disruptor



News / 5.29.2020

Astronema, Princess of Evil, comes to Legacy Wars

Astronema, Princess of Evil, comes to Legacy Wars Astronema’s moveset has its damage spread out pretty evenly. This means that when she gets a hit in, she’s sure to make

News / 5.01.2020

S.P.D Omega Ranger enters the Grid!

Sam, the Omega Ranger, comes to the rescue! Sam is a leader built for getting up close and personal. With two 50/50 strikes and two breakers, he has what it

News / 4.03.2020

Taylor Earnhardt flies into Legacy Wars

Taylor Earhardt flies into Legacy Wars Putting her military training to good use, Taylor has an arsenal of low cost abilities that help her swiftly go on the offensive. The

News / 3.27.2020

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars turns 3 years old

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars is turning turned years old on March 23rd and we’re throwing an in-game celebration! Monday, 3/23: Free Morph box with legendary shards in your inbox Tuesday, 3/24: Casual

News / 3.06.2020

Kimberly Hart with Dragon Shield

Kimberly Hart harnesses the Dragonzord’s power! Using the combined power of her archery skills and the Dragon Dagger, this version of Kimberly has attacks that focus on attacking from a

News / 2.07.2020

Black Ninja Ranger (Adam Park)

Adam Park shows off the power of Ninja! Adam is a balanced leader with an emphasis on speed and deception. With his quick strikes and sneaky teleport attacks, he is

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