News / 1.09.2020

New Features: Warrior Skins and Corruption Zones

 Update 2.8 Warrior Skins This release adds unmorphed skins for some of the MMPR team!     Skins are vanity items that can be selected for your Warriors via that



News / 1.09.2020

Red Zeo Ranger V

Tommy is back for more, fighting as Zeo Red! Zeo Red Tommy is a straightforward attacker with excellent range and average energy costs. Although he only gets 2 attacks per

News / 12.25.2019

Psycho Green

Psycho Green has arrived to Legacy Wars, and he’s going all out! Psycho Green is an epic attacker that’s built for aggression. He has plenty of tricks to help open

News / 11.14.2019

Update 2.7 Balance Changes

Leader and Assist Balance Pass November 2019 This update is meant to address the balance of the Warrior Meta in Power Rangers: Legacy Wars. We’ve been looking into how the

News / 10.03.2019

Update 2.6: Gem Leagues

Gem Leagues We are expanding the Champion Leagues with better rewards and more leagues. Welcome to the Gem Leagues. The new Gem Leagues come before the existing Champion Leagues. The

News / 6.26.2019

June 2019 Balance Update

Leader Balance Changes June 2019  This patch is meant to address the balance of particular Leaders in Power Rangers: Legacy Wars. We’ve been closely monitoring how you all play Legacy

News / 12.15.2018

Leader & Assist: Balance Changes

We’re pretty excited about this balance change. Longer matches, more viable characters, and a great foundation for more exciting changes in the future. This balance change is different from the

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