News / 4.12.2018

T.J. Johnson – In Space

Theodore Jay “T.J.” Johnson was originally the brave and heroic Red Turbo Ranger, succeeding Tommy Oliver. When the battle against evil moved to the stars, T.J. was given a new



News / 3.19.2018

Tommy Oliver – Dino Thunder

This seemingly mild mannered science teacher is not all he seems. Tommy Oliver, legendary veteran Power Ranger, takes up the mantle once more as the Dino Thunder Black Ranger. He recruits three students chosen

News / 3.13.2018

Champion Leagues

Do you have what it takes to become the ultimate champion? Battle from Bronze to Elite in these four new leagues, each with their own end of Season rewards. Champion

News / 3.11.2018

Balance Update 2.0

We’ve taken feedback from your posts on Reddit, Facebook and more to adjust the balance of the warriors below. We’ve also made major improvements to the way Assists function, making

News / 3.11.2018

Anniversary Events!

What’s a birthday without a party? Starting on March 15th, we will spend the next two weeks giving out presents, throwing in-game events, and running special sales in celebration of

News / 3.10.2018

Score Attack Tournaments

Score Attack Tournaments is a new type of challenge. Players will be scored on damage dealt, damage taken, and will receive bonus points for a win.  This will add more

News / 3.09.2018

Draft Battles & Stream View

We had great time at Mobile Masters last year, but there was two pieces of feedback that we couldn’t let go. Participants wanted the rules in the tournament to be

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