News / 8.27.2021

Sky Tate joins the fight in Legacy Wars

Sky Tate joins the fight in Legacy Wars Sky Tate is an Epic Attacker that can pose a threat at any distance. He doesn’t have to worry about the opponent’s



News / 7.30.2021

Sentinel Knight enters the Grid!

Sentinel Knight joins the fight in Legacy Wars Sentinel Knight is an Epic Defender that can discourage forward dashes and make the most of any punish situation. Whether he successfully

News / 7.14.2021

July 2021 Balance Patch Update

  This patch is meant to address some of the leaders and assists in the game that needed to be balanced out.   Users will be able to see several

News / 7.02.2021

Dragon Armor Trini enters the Grid!

Dragon Armor Trini suits up for Legacy Wars Trini Kwan in the Dragon Armor is a Legendary Attacker with relentless offense and damage. Her deceptively impressive range and speed help

News / 7.01.2021

Introducing, Patrols!

Patrols Tutorial  Rita’s army is growing fast and they are taking over the grid. Select and customize different teams in order to take back the grid by sending them in

News / 5.07.2021

Dominic Hargan (White Rhino Ranger) Enters the Grid

Dominic Hargan charges his way into Legacy Wars Dominic Hargan is an Epic Attacker that likes to get up close and personal. His attack startups generally have poor range, but

News / 4.09.2021

Tommy Oliver (White Ninja Ranger) Enters the Grid

Tommy Oliver Dashes Onto the Grid White Ninja Ranger Tommy Oliver is a Legendary defender that can smother opponents with a flurry of fast attacks and big combos. His defender

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