New Characters / 10.15.2020

Pumpkin Rappin’ is about to happen!

Pumpkin Rappin is about to happen! Pumpkin Rapper is a defender that can attack opponents with tremendous range. Although he lacks a 50/50 or instant strike, his breakers are fast


New Characters

New Characters / 9.18.2020

Merrick enters the Grid!

Merrick Baliton takes his cue Merrick the Lunar Wolf Ranger is an attacker that can overwhelm the opponent with speed. He has well rounded damage and no expensive moves, so

New Characters / 8.21.2020

Tori Hanson enters the Grid!

Tori Hanson makes waves in Legacy Wars   Tori excels in block punishment, with 3 of her 4 attacks starting a guaranteed combo. Her biggest asset is her breaker trap,

New Characters / 7.24.2020

Cameron Watanabe enters the Grid

Cameron Watanabe brings his samurai skills to Legacy Wars Cameron is a balanced warrior that has good range and a tool for every situation. A disruptor that starts combos, a

New Characters / 6.26.2020

Kiya, Omega Blue Ranger, enters the Grid!

Kiya bares her scars in Legacy Wars With two 50/50s, great range, and an immensely damaging special slot, Kiya is a warrior to be feared. She doesn’t have a disruptor

New Characters / 5.29.2020

Astronema, Princess of Evil, comes to Legacy Wars

Astronema, Princess of Evil, comes to Legacy Wars Astronema’s moveset has its damage spread out pretty evenly. This means that when she gets a hit in, she’s sure to make

New Characters / 5.01.2020

S.P.D Omega Ranger enters the Grid!

Sam, the Omega Ranger, comes to the rescue! Sam is a leader built for getting up close and personal. With two 50/50 strikes and two breakers, he has what it

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