New Characters / 9.28.2017

Jason Lee Scott – ZEO

Quick as lightning, strong as steel, the indomitable Gold Ranger is secretly Trey of Triforia. But when injury forced Trey to temporarily transfer his Power to another, Jason Lee Scott


New Characters

New Characters / 9.11.2017

Udonna – Mystic Force

Udonna is a powerful sorceress who trains the Power Rangers in the art of magic, and is their guide to unlocking the secrets of the Xenotome. She is an inhabitant

New Characters / 8.28.2017

Koragg – Mystic Force

Leanbow was once married to Udonna, but was later transformed into Koragg the Knight Wolf. When his memories resurfaced, he rejoined the side of good and became the Wolf Warrior.

New Characters / 8.17.2017

Ninjor – Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Ninjor is the powerful and mysterious keeper of the lost Temple of Power and creator of the Power Coins. The Rangers enlisted his help to restore their powers in which

New Characters / 8.15.2017

Lord Drakkon – Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Lord Drakkon is an intensely evil version of Tommy Oliver from an alternate universe who rules his Earth with dystopian philosophies . Lord Drakkon first appeared in Mighty Morphin Power

New Characters / 7.26.2017

Black Dragon – Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Black Dragon is a powerful Zord from an alternate universe that’s come to destroy Tommy Oliver. Black Dragon first appeared in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #4 from BOOM! Studios.

New Characters / 7.13.2017

Pink Ranger – Lost Galaxy

Highly intelligent and analytical by nature, Kendrix has an interest in all things scientific. She always has a logical explanation for everything, and that sometimes prevents her from seeing the wonder

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