New Characters / 3.23.2017

Green Ranger – Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Tommy Oliver is always there to lend a helping hand when things get tough. Stoic and good-hearted, Tommy is the epitome of what it means to be a Power Ranger.


New Characters

New Characters / 3.22.2017

Psycho Red – In Space

The brash, ill-tempered, and impulsive leader of the Psycho Rangers.  Always battle ready and determined to take down his Power Ranger counterpart.

New Characters / 3.21.2017

Master Xandred – Samurai

The short-tempered leader of the Nighloks was exiled to the Netherworld by the ancestors of the current Samurai Rangers. He cannot escape until the Sanzu River’s water level is raised

New Characters / 3.21.2017

Silver Ranger – In Space

A telekinteic-adept human born in space, Zhane, had his dreams come true when he became a Power Ranger.  Badly injured saving his friend Andros, the Red Space Ranger, Zhane was

New Characters / 3.20.2017

Rita Repulsa – Saban’s Power Rangers (2017)

Rita Repulsa is the ultimate villain – calculating, smart and dangerous. She is single-minded in her goal, and will destroy everything in her path to meet it.

New Characters / 3.20.2017

Red Ranger – Saban’s Power Rangers (2017)

Jason, the Red Power Ranger, was a football legend in his small town of Angel Grove until one fateful mistake. In need of redemption, he is given a chance to

New Characters / 3.20.2017

Goldar – Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Goldar is the loud, perpetually angry, and vicious humanoid-ape general of Rita Repulsa. Goldar is one of the few henchmen who’s capable of holding his own against the Power Rangers.

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