New Characters / 4.12.2018

T.J. Johnson – In Space

Theodore Jay “T.J.” Johnson was originally the brave and heroic Red Turbo Ranger, succeeding Tommy Oliver. When the battle against evil moved to the stars, T.J. was given a new


New Characters

New Characters / 3.19.2018

Tommy Oliver – Dino Thunder

This seemingly mild mannered science teacher is not all he seems. Tommy Oliver, legendary veteran Power Ranger, takes up the mantle once more as the Dino Thunder Black Ranger. He recruits three students chosen

New Characters / 2.23.2018

Sledge – Dino Charge

This hot-headed bounty hunter from space has been chasing the Energems for millions of years, which are now in the hands of the Dino Charge Rangers. Sledge is still more

New Characters / 2.19.2018

Phantom Ranger – Turbo

Phantom Ranger travels the galaxy in his spaceship, helping those in need. No one knows the true identity of this mysterious Ranger but with his Power Ruby and high-tech camouflage,

New Characters / 1.26.2018

Kat Manx – S.P.D.

Kat has designed most of the Rangers weapons and is Commander Cruger’s trusted assistant and friend. She is recruited to S.P.D. central command under request by Supreme Commander Birdie. She

New Characters / 1.11.2018

Andros – In Space

Born on the planet KO-35, Andros has single-handedly manned the Megaship, since his best friend, Zhane, the Silver Ranger was critically injured. Andros is loyal and kind-hearted, but his time

New Characters / 12.14.2017

Preston Tien – Ninja Steel

Preston is an amateur magician who likes to perform his magic act before classes at Summer Cove High School. He becomes the Blue Ninja Steel Ranger after pulling out the

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