News / 10.17.2017

Version 1.5.0 Release Notes

GO MEGA! Megazords are here! Collect and Battle your Megazords Collect Zord Shards to unlock the following: Dino Megazord Mega Goldar Predazord Thunder Megazord Megazord Alliance Wars! Take your Megazords



News / 10.02.2017

nWay at New York Comic Con!

It’s confirmed! New York Comic Con here we come! Meet and play against the Power Rangers Ninja Steel Cast, Jason David Frank and many more! Visit the Lionsgate Booth #210

News / 9.28.2017

Jason Lee Scott – ZEO

Quick as lightning, strong as steel, the indomitable Gold Ranger is secretly Trey of Triforia. But when injury forced Trey to temporarily transfer his Power to another, Jason Lee Scott

News / 9.11.2017

Udonna – Mystic Force

Udonna is a powerful sorceress who trains the Power Rangers in the art of magic, and is their guide to unlocking the secrets of the Xenotome. She is an inhabitant

News / 9.08.2017

Version 1.4.5 Release Notes

What’s New? Warriors, League, and more…. New Warriors Epic Leader: Mystic Force – Udonna (Releasing: 9/15) Epic Assist: Mystic Force – Udonna (Releasing: 9/15) 1 Mysterious Warrior Leader & Assist (New) League IX: Zord Graveyard We

News / 8.28.2017

Koragg – Mystic Force

Leanbow was once married to Udonna, but was later transformed into Koragg the Knight Wolf. When his memories resurfaced, he rejoined the side of good and became the Wolf Warrior.

News / 8.21.2017

Version 1.4.2 Release Notes & Balance Changes

Improvements Combat Card UI Update We wanted to improve communication during combat for when an attack is stopped by your opponent, when an attack is activated, and when an attack

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