Release Notes / 2.03.2021

February 2021 Balance Update

February 2021 Balance Patch Update The patch’s main focus centers on Leaders that can be used more effectively now with the new stats. Changes in EP costs, attack speed and


Release Notes

Release Notes / 10.30.2020

Happy Halloween! (2020)

It’s that spooky time of year. Players will notice that the Juice Bar is following the holiday spirit! With Pumpkin Rapper joining the roster, you better watch your heads! The

Release Notes / 10.20.2020

New Feature: Marketplace

UPDATE 3.0 The Juice Bar isn’t the only thing getting a new look for the Halloween season! This release includes the following updates: Players can now use Grid Tokens to

Release Notes / 7.15.2020

July 2020 Balance Notes

Ellarien Cost increases to Ellarien’s primaries shorten her combo length, while the damage was bumped up a bit to compensate. Her maximum combo damage is still strong, but not nearly

Release Notes / 3.04.2020

Megazord Balance Changes: v2.8

New year, new Megazord Balance changes! OVERALL CHANGES Counter Attacks: All counters now reset EP cooldown when the ability is activated. Breakers: All breakers now have a dash branch at the end

Release Notes / 12.01.2018

Version 2.5 Release Notes

Rita’s Corruption is growing even more powerful. Her wave of evil is spreading through the Morphin Grid and turning even the Power Rangers into her evil henchmen. Battle in the

Release Notes / 11.07.2018

Balance Changes: Release Date 11/8

MEGAZORD BALANCE CHANGES Despite their tough exteriors, Megazords need some love and care. This balance pass has several goals: Increase use of breakers Increase use of Strike combos Decrease abuse

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