Release Notes / 3.11.2018

Balance Update 2.0

We’ve taken feedback from your posts on Reddit, Facebook and more to adjust the balance of the warriors below. We’ve also made major improvements to the way Assists function, making


Release Notes

Release Notes / 1.23.2018

Version 1.7.0 Release Notes

New League VIII – Terror Spacecraft (3700 – 4000 Medals) Travel into the infinity of space on Emperor Gruumm’s flagship! With the additional League, rewards for Juice Bar and Zord

Release Notes / 12.11.2017

Version 1.6.0 & Major Balance Changes

What’s New? Daily Login Rewards To thank those that play everyday, we’ve added a Daily Login Reward! Each day when you login you will earn a free reward, with more

Release Notes / 10.17.2017

Version 1.5.0 Release Notes

GO MEGA! Megazords are here! Collect and Battle your Megazords Collect Zord Shards to unlock the following: Dino Megazord Mega Goldar Predazord Thunder Megazord Megazord Alliance Wars! Take your Megazords

Release Notes / 9.08.2017

Version 1.4.5 Release Notes

What’s New? Warriors, League, and more…. New Warriors Epic Leader: Mystic Force – Udonna (Releasing: 9/15) Epic Assist: Mystic Force – Udonna (Releasing: 9/15) 1 Mysterious Warrior Leader & Assist (New) League IX: Zord Graveyard We

Release Notes / 8.21.2017

Version 1.4.2 Release Notes & Balance Changes

Improvements Combat Card UI Update We wanted to improve communication during combat for when an attack is stopped by your opponent, when an attack is activated, and when an attack

Release Notes / 7.17.2017

Version 1.4 Release Notes & Balance Changes

What’s New? Challenges, Talents, and more….. New Warriors 4 Mysterious Warrior Leaders 4 Mysterious Warrior Assists Challenges Compete in a series of battles using groups of teams and reach the

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