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July 2021 Balance Patch Update

  This patch is meant to address some of the leaders and assists in the game that needed to be balanced out.   Users will be able to see several



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Happy Holidays! (2020)

Happy Holidays from Power Rangers: Legacy Wars Happy Holidays Rangers! ‘Tis the season to be jolly, and in celebration, we’ve got some seasonal challenges and sales happening. ‘Twas the night

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Happy Halloween! (2020)

It’s that spooky time of year. Players will notice that the Juice Bar is following the holiday spirit! With Pumpkin Rapper joining the roster, you better watch your heads! The

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New Feature: Marketplace

UPDATE 3.0 The Juice Bar isn’t the only thing getting a new look for the Halloween season! This release includes the following updates: Players can now use Grid Tokens to

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S.P.D Omega Ranger enters the Grid!

Sam, the Omega Ranger, comes to the rescue! Sam is a leader built for getting up close and personal. With two 50/50 strikes and two breakers, he has what it

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Power Rangers: Legacy Wars turns 3 years old

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars is turning turned years old on March 23rd and we’re throwing an in-game celebration! Monday, 3/23: Free Morph box with legendary shards in your inbox Tuesday, 3/24: Casual

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Amazon Mobile Masters 2018: Official Rules (Chinese – Simplified)

超凡战士遗产战争:2018手游大师赛官方规则 以下是超凡战士:遗产战争手游大师赛的官方规则。 概述 超凡战士:遗产战争2018手游大师赛是一项国际赛事,将为超凡战士:遗产战争的最强玩家进行加冕。通往手游大师之路如下:资格赛选出32强玩家,小组赛选出8强,在美国华盛顿州西雅图的决赛将为冠军加冕。 有资格参赛的地区 8名玩家将在美国华盛顿州西雅图参加决赛 北美5名(服务器:北美) 欧洲1名(服务器:欧洲) 亚洲2名(服务器:亚洲、印度、东亚)   其他地区无资格参加任何阶段的比赛。玩家地区由玩家最初位置决定。如果有资格参赛地区之外的玩家参加资格赛,他们没有继续进入小组赛的资格。玩家必须大于18岁方可参加。   参赛资格: 参赛资格分为3个地区和3个阶段:   周年纪念赛   年初举办的周年纪念赛前四的玩家自动获得进入小组赛的资格(3名北美玩家,1名欧洲玩家。)   及格赛(计分赛)-全玩家联盟5+   北美:17名晋级 亚洲:8名晋级 欧洲:3名晋级   小组赛—从及格赛中选出8组、每组4名玩家(5个北美组、2个亚洲组、1个欧洲组)   北美组:5名玩家进入决赛 亚洲组:2名玩家进入决赛 欧洲组:1名玩家进入决赛

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