1.3.5 Balance Changes

News / 6.20.2017


Zordon is watching and in this round of balance changes, we’ve added some much needed buffs to MMPR Black Leader, Mesogog Leader, Psycho Red Assist and others.

MMPR Black Zack

Adjusted the branching on Zack’s moves to make it easier for him to combo.

Hip Hop Kido

  • (+) Ability branching made more lenient (Frame 135 -> 110)

Breakin Kick

  • (+) Dash branching adjusted for easier comboing (Frame 100 -> 55)
  • (+) Ability branching adjusted for easier comboing (Frame 66 -> 55)

Dino Thunder Mesogog

Mesogog damage output on his combo needed to be increased to match his rarity.

Mesozoic Rage

  • (+) Damage Increased (41 -> 58) (41%)

Super Samurai Lauren

Fixed a bug to match the animation to the hit frame of the attack. This makes it so it is clear that two separate blasts are coming out and that it also syncs up better with the animation.

Kanji Blast

  • BUG – Adjusted animation to match hit frame

[Assist] Black MMPR Assist

This high costing assist needs to have a stronger advantage, so we lowered its startup.

Axe Splitter

  • (+) Faster Startup

[Assist] In Space Psycho Red

Psycho Red’s assist was hard to hit and confusing to players. It now hits a lot faster, both times, and reveals its purpose of being a ranged stunning attack.

Power Grab

  • (+) Faster Startup
  • (+) Faster overall attack speed

[Assist] MMPR Lord Zedd

Disruptors are meant to come out fast, but when they also have a decent range on them, they need to be balanced. We added a separate, blockable hit to tone down the offensive portion of this ability.

Emperor’s Jolt

  • (-) Slower Startup
  • Split the attack into 2 damages, first hit (5), second hit (27)
  • Added additional interrupt to make it easier to block