Version 1.4 Release Notes & Balance Changes

News / 7.17.2017


What’s New?

Challenges, Talents, and more…..

New Warriors

  • 4 Mysterious Warrior Leaders
  • 4 Mysterious Warrior Assists


Compete in a series of battles using groups of teams and reach the maximum numbers of wins in order to win huge prizes.


Customize your team in thousands of new ways by unlocking unique stat boosts in the Talent Tree

Donate All Button

Quickly donate your shards to your alliance with the “Donate All Button”

Player and Warrior Health Change

We wanted to reward players that were dedicated to leveling their favorite Warriors. We’ve moved health off of Player Level and 100% on to the Warriors themselves. This change will see your highest leveled Warrior’s health increase. The length of battles should remain similar as it was before the change. 

A full list of changes to Assist Health are listed in the Combat Balance Assist section below.

Ability Orb Bonuses Increase

To keep Player Level and Warrior progression meaningful, we have increased the bonus you get when upgrading your abilities and health with Orbs of Eltar. This will apply to abilities and health you have already upgraded, which means your powered-up Warriors will see a stat increase.

Other Improvements

  • Alliance message button to jump to latest donation
  • Moved Redeem Code button to Settings -> Gameplay
  • Updated Tips
  • New App Icon

Bug Fixes

  • VFX performance improvements
  • Combat side swapping bug
  • Improved patch speeds and size

Combat Balance Changes 7/20

Zordon is watching and in this round of balance changes we’ve added some much needed buffs to Goldar, Kendall, Zhane, and Mesogog Leaders as well as MMPR Jason, Snide, Trakeena Assist and others…..

Assist Invincibility Frames

In 1.3.5 Assists with defensive abilities still had invincibility frames when being summoned, which the other assists did not have. We felt that this gave defensive ability assists an unfair advantage. We eliminated the remaining assist summon iframes, including Assist Gia and Assist MMPR Pink, to bring all assists to parity.

Regarding MMPR Pink

After seeing so many high level players using MMPR Pink with great success, we took a close look at her. Pulling her win / loss ratio for league 8, we saw that it is at 52%(we factored out matches where both players were MMPR Pink), which is acceptable. There are several Warriors of all different rarities that have similar win % (+ or – 2 from 50%) and given that her rarity is Epic, she is performing where she needs to. Additionally, many low win rate Warriors were given strong buffs this time around, so we expect to see her not have such easy matches against them, pulling her even closer to 50% (which is our target) this season.

In Space Zhane

To increase Zhane’s viability, we looked at how Z-Storm is more of a liability for him than an advantage. However, when it hits mid-air opponents, it is devastating. So we made it easier to combo into from his own move, Silverizer Slash. Now, as long as you just queue it up, it will hit all hits, completely unblockable due to being a midair combo. In addition to this, we also front loaded some damage on it, so that canceling it out is worth the EP cost. We also enhanced his Star Shot to make him able to deal with more incoming attacks effectively.

Silverizer Slash

  • Adjusted combo branching to connect  perfectly when queued

Star Shot

  • (+) Damage Increased (34 -> 45) (33%)
    • (+) Faster Recovery

Z- Storm

    • (+) Damage Increased first hit  (10 -> 27) (170%)
    • (+) Damage Increased last hit  (14 -> 34) (240%)

MMPR Goldar

Goldar needed to have his damage front loaded on his combo, so that canceling it would actually be worth it for its high cost. In addition to that, we made his Drop Kick snappier, so he can setup combos with less fear of repercussions

Goldar! Slash!

  • (+) Damage Increased first hit (18 -> 27) (50%)

Drop Kick

  • (+) Faster Startup

Dino Thunder Mesogog

Mesogog needed some serious work to get him on par with other Warriors. His short range and lack of movement is too much of a hurdle to overcome. Some issues he had was that his Breaker Focus Strike lacked range, his Psionic Brain Blast was confusing and sometimes buggy, and his Combo didn’t connect all hits enough. So we leaned in on his short range and decided to rebuild his kit around cornering the opponent. Now, if he hits Focus Strike, he can follow up with all the hits of Mesozoic Rage if the enemy is cornered, and deal massive damage. He can also control the positioning of the opponent a lot easier with Psionic Brain Blast by causing knock back instead of a Stun.

Focus Strike

    • (+) Faster Startup

Psionic Brain Blast

  • (+) Damage Increased (15 -> 27) (80%)
  • Mid hit Stagger removed
  • Last hit changed to Knockback

Mesozoic Rage

    • (+) Damage Increased first hit  (16 -> 27) (70%)
    • (+) Damage Increased last hit  (24 -> 45) (86%)

Dino Charge Kendall

Kendall can now dash cancel out of her Plesio Slide, giving her more options to poke and confuse her opponents. In addition to that, we increased the damage on her Gun Butt and also made it so she recovers faster from it.

Plesio Slide

  • Can now cancel after slide

Gun Bash

  • (+) Damage Increased (45 -> 56) (22%)
  • (+) Faster Recovery

Dino Charge Koda

Koda is on the edge of performing exactly where he needs, but we thought his shield toss ability could use a bit more love. Speeding up the projectile makes it harder to dodge and decreasing the time that it comes out makes it harder to react to.

Shield Toss

  • (+) Faster Startup
  • (+) Faster Speed

Lost Galaxy Trakeena

Because it’s a multi hit Disruptor, we felt Bug Out needed some help. Reducing its cost will make it so it gets used more, and adding knock back on at allows Trakeena to get her opponent in the position she needs to set up her Breaker attacks

Bug Out

  • (+) Reduced EP (5 ->3)
  • (+) Added knockback on last hit


The damage on Rito’s jetpack attack does is simply not proportional to the wild risk it has. We’ve both lowered the startup and increased the damage.

Flying Rito

    • (+) Damage Increased first hit  (56 -> 70) (70%)
    • (+) Faster Startup

[Assist] MMPR Jason

With Blade Blaster, we wanted to speed things up while also increasing the usefulness of this ability. Adding a knock back to the final hit means it can now be a combo

Blade Blaster

  • (+) Faster projectile speed
  • Last hit does knockback

[Assist] MMPR Billy

Already a damaging and balanced Breaker, we made Staff Slam come out even faster to give people a Breaker that Staggers opponents

Staff Slam

  • (+) Faster startup

[Assist] MMPR Pink

Adding a Stagger to this quick hit means that you can queue and branch into another combo, making this assist a linchpin

Straight Shot

  • (+) Faster projectile speed
  • Does stagger hit reaction

[Assist] MMPR Yellow

While already a great option for high damage, Rushing Daggers falls prey to being susceptible to Block heavy opponents. We’ve increased the damage of the first hit and made it cancellable to compensate for this.

Rushing Daggers

  • (+) Increased Damage on first hit  (15 -> 27) (80%)
  • First hit can be cancelled

[Assist] Movie Jason

We improved the branching on Jason’s Dashing Kick to provide better combos post Launch

Dashing Kick

  • Moved combo branching earlier

[Assist] Movie Trini

A great combo Strike to catch mid-air opponents, but the EP cost on it made it hard to use frequently enough to justify it over better Strikes. Setting it to 4 will make it much more viable.


  • (+) Reduced EP (5->4)

[Assist] Dino Charge Snide

A dangerously fast combo that just needs an extra Stagger hit effect on it to be a quick combo starter

Spinning Combo

  • Does stagger hit reaction

[Assist] Dino Charge Kendall

Increasing the projectile speed for Dino Morpher Blast means that opponents will need better timing when dodging. If that projectile hits, it’s going to hit hard, due to its increased damage.

Dino Morpher Blast

  • (+) Increased Damage (70->87) (22%)
  • (+) Increased Projectile Speed

[Assist] In Space Zhane

Zhane assist is a fun ability that uses both projectiles and melee to overwhelm the opponent. Its only issue was that it was hard to combo off of. With the branching on it moved earlier, this is now a seriously formidable assist for tacticians.

Run n Gun Slash

  • Moved combo branching earlier

[Assist] Dino Thunder Trent

This Breaker is great with its multi-hit and forward movement, but at 4 EP, the cost was too high. We also improved the branching on it. Try cornering an opponent with it and queueing your Leaders next attack to play off of the Knock back.

Arrogant Stride

  • (+) Reduced EP (5->4)
  • Moved combo branching earlier

[Assist] Lost Galaxy Trakeena

A fast attack that is cheap. The only thing it needed was to be better at comboing, so we made the branching on it more lenient.

Mandible Bites

  • Moved combo branching earlier

All Assists Base Health have been increased to balance the Player and Warrior Health change: