Balance Changes: Release Date 11/8

News / 11.07.2018



Despite their tough exteriors, Megazords need some love and care. This balance pass has several goals:

  • Increase use of breakers
  • Increase use of Strike combos
  • Decrease abuse of slot cycling (using only) the abilities of a single slot
  • Moves have trade-offs – for example, a fast move with low EP should not also have high damage and good range.

With this balance pass, most abilities on each Megazord should have their time and place. This is intended to add more strategy and variety to the combat. We also took time to look at characters like Mega Goldar and increase their overall utility.

Overall Changes


Destabilized is when your Megazord is hit with an ability that makes him rock back and electricity flows through them. Any hit during this point will take double damage. We adjusted the length for all Megazords to be about 2.6 seconds to make a greater contrast between Destabilized and Downed (stun).


Dino Megazord

Power Sword needed a boost to give you a reason to use it in battle. We reduced the damage of Power Sword since it provided both utility and damage. Now, Power Sword is a great opener for Dino’s other moves, rather than always being the go-to option for both setup and damage.

Sabertooth Kick

  • Base Damage decreased by ~12%

Power Sword

  • Base Damage decreased by ~54%

Jumping Thrust

  • Base Damage increased by ~50%

Lightning Blast

  • Base Damage increased by ~10%

Mega Goldar


Mega Goldar’s Defensive Reverse Guard was more of a liability than a good counter. We switched the move to a Strike, and change his single hit strikes. Giant Backhand and Titan Stomp are now Defense move types. We also boosted his overall damage. Goldar needed some love. *We apologize the notes for Mega Goldar were missing some hit reaction changes. These have been added (11/8).

Giant Backhand

  • Move Type: Defense (was Breaker)
  • Base Damage decreased by ~20%
  • Stagger is now a Knockdown*

Savage Strikes

  • Base Damage increased by ~24%

Titan Stomp

  • Move Type: Defense (was Strike)
  • EP Cost: 4 (was 3)
  • Base Damage increased by ~6%
  • Destabilize is now a Stagger*

Reverse Guard

  • Move Type: Strike (was Defense)
  • Base Damage increased by ~18%
  • Downed is now a Destabalize*

Swooping Tackle

  • Base Damage increased by ~5%

Seismic Stab

  • Base Damage increased by ~85%


  • Base Damage increased by ~30%

Mega Black Dragon

Black Dragon’s utility is in a good place. We adjusted the damage so that each of his moves has pros and cons.

Tail Swipe

  • Base Damage increased by ~75%

Pounding Pummel

  • Base Damage increased by ~6%


  • Base Damage decreased by ~71%

Dragon’s Roar

  • Base Damage increased by ~28%

Havoc Laser

  • Base Damage increased by ~43%

Missile Charge

  • Base Damage decreased by ~4%


Predazord’s Wild Tail Spin was greatly underpowered. We fixed that and slightly adjusted it’s other abilities.

Hammerhead Smash

  • Base Damage decreased by ~30%

Wild Tail Spin

  • Base Damage increased by ~200%

Gator Staff

  • Base Damage decreased by ~30%

Predator Wave

  • Base Damage increased by ~30%

Javelin Strike

  • Base Damage increased by ~21%


  • Base Damage increased by ~50%

Bug fix:

Fixed bug where Predazord would recover from downed state (stun) too quickly.

Samurai Megazord


While most of Samurai’s damage was low, the low cost counter allowed Samurai to cycle through its special slot and ignore the rest of it’s abilities. We increased the cost of Samurai focus to reduce the cycling along with switching the move slots of Ape Assault and Furious Lion Howl. We increased the damage on Samurai’s combos to make them viable.

Furious Lion Howl

  • Base Damage increased by ~15% (Changed to Primary)

Blade Storm

  • Base Damage decreased by ~38% 

Ape Assault

  • Base Damage decreased by ~28% (Changed to Special)

Samurai Focus

  • EP Cost: 4 (was 3)
  • Base Damage increased by ~130%

Samurai Strike

  • Base Damage increased by ~172%

Shield Bash

  • Base Damage increased by ~34%

Thunder Megazord

Thunder Megazord was another Megazord that could cycle through a single slot and ignore all other abilities. The counter also had high damage for such a low cost so we increased the cost by 1 and decreased the damage.

Lion’s Surge

  • Base Damage increased by ~6%
  • Changed hit reaction from Downed (Stun) to Destabilized

Thunder Blow

  • Base Damage increased by ~16%

Saber Strikes

  • Base Damage increased by ~6%
  • Changed hit reaction from Destabilized to Downed (Stun)

Saber Parry

  • EP Cost: 3 (was 2)
  • Base Damage decreased by ~34%


  • Base Damage decreased by ~39%

Mega Beam

  • Base Damage decreased by ~17%


  • Base Damage increased by ~50%

Delta Squad Megazord

Delta’s fullscreen attacks had higher damage per EP than the short ranged abilities. We adjusted the damage to make the short ranged attacks more useful.

4-5-4 Combo

  • Base Damage increased by ~10%

Delta Strike

  • Base Damage increased by ~55%

S.P.Double Slash

  • Base Damage decreased by ~21%

Justice Lance

  • EP Cost: 4 (was 5)
  • Base Damage decreased by ~14%

Delta Dive

  • Base Damage decreased by ~27%

Crime Scene Tape

Base Damage increased by ~21%

Bug Fix:

Delta can now cancel breakers like the other Megazords.