Balance Update 2.0

News / 3.11.2018


We’ve taken feedback from your posts on Reddit, Facebook and more to adjust the balance of the warriors below.

We’ve also made major improvements to the way Assists function, making them more viable in battle. We’ve also made improvements to matchmaking to ensure integrity of our leaderboard system in regular PvP and Megazords.

Combat Changes

Defensive Assists – Defensive assists can be used in the middle of a Strike, just like a shield. Now when you press that Billy (2017) assist when you are being hit by a strike combo, he’ll come right out and sock your opponent.

Assist Summon – Assists are now summoned with their color type the moment they appear on the battlefield. Before, they had to finish their summon animation, which led to an increased amount of “Assist Cancelled.” This will help make the game feel more responsive and Assists more useful.

Balance Changes


Gia Moran

Her damage and utility compared on her Primary was not comparable to other leaders in terms of her EP cost.

Stun Gun Trio

  • (+) Decreased EP cost from 4 to 3


Mesagog needs some love.

Pscionic Brain Blast

  • (+) Decreased EP cost to Psionic Brain Blast from 5 to 4

Robo Knight  

With a lackluster breaker, we wanted to improve Silver Slash by dropping the EP cost and adding a knockdown. Rapid Flurry was extremely easy to block, but now the window to block the attacks has been reduced. Blasterize becoming a breaker will result in your opponent respecting your projectile power.

Silver Slash

  • (+) Decreased EP cost from 4 to 3
  • (+) Knockdown instead of stagger

Rapid Flurry

  • (+) Stagger now occurs on shot 3 instead of shot 5 and can only be blocked within the first two shots
  • (+) Increased damage by 20%


  • (+) Changed from a Strike to a Breaker


With low EP costs and fast abilities… well… we all know he needs to calm down a bit.

Katana Triple Strike

  • (-) Increased EP cost from 3 to 5

Waiting Game

  • (-) Increased EP cost from 2 to 3

Burning Ninja

  • (-) Recover time of the ability has been increased slightly


While Koragg is in a much better place these days, he still needs some fine tuning in regards to his damage and speed.

Shield Bash

  • (-) Damaged reduced
  • (-) Increased recovery time

Wolf Attack

  • (-) Increased EP cost from 4 to 5


Lauren Shiba

With the addition of her burn affect her EP cost was not in line with the amount of damage she can deliver.

Fire Sword Slash

  • (-) Increased EP cost from 5 to 6


Without any visual queue, it was hard to know the reach of his ability. We’ve added additional VFX to address this.

Rock Block

  • (+) Added VFX to show ability range

Trini (MMPR Yellow)

Rushing Daggers

  • (-) Removed ability to Strike Cancel this Assist to match parity with other Strike combo Assist Warriors.

Bug Fixes/Misc.

  • Matchmaking – Changes have been made in order to reduce potential Leaderboard manipulation in both regular PvP and Megazord Battles.
  • Andros (In-Space Red ) Leader – Fixed a bug where Saber Slash could be cancelled too early.
  • Phantom Ranger Assist – When queued twice in a row, Assist will now correctly execute his ability twice, rather than only once.
  • Strikes – Fixed an issue where in very rare cases Strikes could pass through Blocks.
    Taunts –  Changed Taunt activation to be queued like other abilities. Previously Taunts could only be activated from idle.