Cameron Watanabe enters the Grid

New Characters / 7.24.2020

Cameron Watanabe brings his samurai skills to Legacy Wars

Cameron is a balanced warrior that has good range and a tool for every situation. A disruptor that starts combos, a fast cancellable strike to swat away breakers, a high damage launcher with good range, and a unique debuff that limits the opponent’s offense. While strong Legacy Wars fundamentals while using Cameron can get you results, knowledge of how his debuff affects each character will give you the chance to dominate your opponents.

Regarding “Special Seal”

The final hit of Samurai Saber inflicts the opponent with Special Seal, which prevents them from using their special move slot for a few seconds. It doesn’t matter if the card is a strike, breaker, disruptor, or even a standard block; the opponent won’t be able to use it! Cameron will be able to recover 9 energy by the time the opponent’s debuff wears off. However, if Cameron takes damage, the debuff will be cancelled.


Primary 1: Slicer Kick
Type: Disruptor
Cost: 4
A quick disruptor with good range that sweeps then knocks back the opponent. While using it defensively against strikes is great, this attack really shines while on offense. It’s very difficult to block on reaction, so use it when it’s least expected. If the opponent isn’t in the corner, you’ll need to dash after them to combo after this move.

Primary 2: Honorable Soul
Type: Strike
Cost: 3

A 3-hit slash combo that can be dash cancelled on the first hit. While this attack isn’t a 50/50 itself, Slicer Kick is difficult enough to block that this cancel will often trick them anyway. The first hit is also noteworthy for its speed.

Special 1: Samurai Slasher
Type: Strike
Cost: 4
A 2 hit launcher combo that goes about the distance of a dash. While it can be blocked on reaction, its range can catch people by surprise. This attack is Cameron’s most efficient method of dealing damage, so combo into it every chance you get.


Special 2: Samurai Saber
Type: Breaker
Cost: 6
A breaker combo of 3 kicks and a slash, staggering the opponent and inflicting Special Seal. While the damage is nice and the debuff can be game changing in some matchups, keep in mind the long animation. If the attack misses or the opponent uses a strike, you’ll be hit for sure.

Assist: Wind Walk
Type: Breaker
Cost: 6
A breaker with blindingly fast startup, long range, and a final hit that stuns. It’s an assist that does it all, with the main downside being its high cost. Try using this assist with a leader that has a high damage 4 cost attack, like Cameron himself!

Sample Combos
Samurai Slasher → Samurai Saber
Cameron’s most damaging attacks, one after another. No dashing or difficult timing is required for this combo, so there’s no need to do anything fancy.

Slicer Kick → Samurai Slasher → Honorable Soul
While you don’t need to dash after Samurai Slasher to regain 1 energy in time for Honorable Soul, it makes the timing a lot easier. If you want to optimize the combo, you can even regain 2 energy before doing Honorable Soul so you can have 1 leftover.

VS Cameron tips
If your special slot has been sealed, don’t panic! You’ll have full energy by the time you regain control, so try hitting him with the 1st hit of a multi hit attack and then cancel. You’ll cancel the debuff by damaging him.
Cameron relies a lot on his primary slot for attacking. If he hasn’t used it in a while, you can assume he’s got a block there. If you use a breaker in this situation, his option of using Samurai Slasher may still get blocked since it’s slow enough.
-Dodging Slicer Kick and Samurai Slasher can be quite difficult, so use a counter if you have one available.

Advanced Tips

Matchup Knowledge
To get the most out of Cameron, you’ll need to have a basic understanding of every character’s moveset. You’ll need to know what attacks they have in their 2nd slot, that way you can adjust your strategy and understand how they’ll react while it’s sealed. If the opponent has only been using primaries and assists for a while, it’s safe to assume they have a block there. So if you hit them with Samurai Saber, you’ll know they can’t use that block afterward!

Choosing to not combo after Samurai Saber
Finishing a combo with Samurai Saber is ideal because you’ll get to make the most of the debuff time while backdashing and recovering energy. So if the first hit you connect with is Samurai Saber, a lot of the debuff time will be spent while the opponent can’t attack anyway. Consider choosing to recover energy rather than doing a combo. It’ll be easier to land your next hit if the opponent’s specials are still sealed anyway.