Champion Leagues

News / 3.13.2018


Do you have what it takes to become the ultimate champion? Battle from Bronze to Elite in these four new leagues, each with their own end of Season rewards. Champion Leagues will be taking the place of Archive Medals to provide top players with more goals and rewards to go for each Season.

Climb through each league and see how Rita’s corruption is changing the Morphin Grid. For the launch of Champion Leagues, we will have 3 arenas devastated by Rita’s destructive power.

*The Juice bar affected by Rita’s Corruption*

Champion Leagues is also aimed at fixing the new season cluster that happens after each medal reset. In Champion Leagues, each tier has their own Medal reset amount. This means that Elite players will be reset at a higher point than Bronze players.

Medal Requirements:

League 10

  • Medals Required: 4300+


  • Required Medals: 4600+
  • Reset: 4600


  • Required Medals: 4900+
  • Reset: 4700


  • Required Medals: 5200+
  • Reset: 4800


  • Required Medals: Top 200 players who are 5200+
  • Reset: 4900