Daggeron Enters the Grid

New Characters / 1.15.2021


Daggeron Shines Brightly in Legacy Wars

Daggeron is a defender leader that has no trouble starting combos after blocking. Each of his four attacks in normal mode can be used as combo starters or combo extenders. His attacks are low cost, so it’s hard to find him in a moment of weakness.

Once he’s taken about 50% damage, he can Awaken Flames to recover energy, heal a bit, and permanently change his moveset for the rest of the battle. He loses his counter but gets improved aggressive mixups and dedicated slots for strikes and breakers.

Deciding the best time to Awaken Flames and mastering both movesets is key to success with Daggeron.


Awaken Flames

  • Type: Super

After Daggeron’s taken about 50% damage, you can switch from normal mode to super mode. This changes his moveset to a more offensive one. All of Daggeron’s attacks in super mode cause damage over time, and super mode lasts until the end of the match.

Normal Primary 1: Solaris Succession

  • Type: Strike
  • Cost: 3

A 3 hit combo that sweeps on the 1st hit and causes damage over time. It starts a bit slow and doesn’t have good range, but it can be dash canceled during the startup to trick the opponent.

Normal Primary 2: Mystic Carpet

  • Type: Breaker
  • Cost: 3

A breaker that travels the entire length of the screen. It’s risky to do if the opponent has energy to strike it out, because Daggeron is considered airborne while on the carpet. It knocks back the opponent.

Normal Special 1: Golden Kicks

  • Type: Breaker
  • Cost: 3

A multi-hit breaker that staggers the opponent. It’s great for combos, but its long animation leaves Daggeron very vulnerable to a strike if it misses.

Normal Special 2: Sun Beam

  • Type: Counter
  • Cost: 4

A counter projectile that goes the entire length of the screen and inflicts damage over time. It only leads to combos if the opponent is in the corner. It has a slow startup, but can be dash canceled to trick the opponent.

Super Primary 1: Mystic Sword

  • Type: Strike
  • Cost: 3

A 3-hit combo that knocks back on the 3rd hit and inflicts damage over time. It can be dash canceled on the 1st or 2nd hit. Its quick startup makes it a good strikeout.

Super Primary 2: Laser Lamp

  • Type: Strike
  • Cost: 3

Daggeron walks forward and shoots three projectiles, inflicting damage over time. Staggers on the 2nd and 3rd hits. You can dash cancel after the first shot, making this a projectile 50/50. It can be dodged like most other projectiles, but the dash cancel and low cost still make it worth using in neutral.

Super Special 1: Raging Solaris

  • Type: Breaker
  • Cost: 3

Jump kicks forward about the length of a dash to inflict damage over time, then jumps back with a shot that launches the opponent. It can be dash canceled during startup to trick the opponent.

Super Special 2: Burning Sun

  • Type: Breaker
  • Cost: 4

Daggeron goes forward about the length of a dash and launches the opponent for a flashy air combo that inflicts damage over time. The follow-up won’t happen if the opponent is doing a strike.

Assist: Jenji to the Rescue

  • Type: Breaker
  • Cost: 5

A projectile that causes a reverse launch. To make up for its high cost, it has great speed.

Sample Combos

Sun Beam → Solaris Succession → Golden Kicks
When the opponent is in the corner, you can combo into Solaris Succession if you dash forward.

Burning Sun → Raging Solaris → Burning Sun
Comboing into Raging Solaris lets you recover energy while the opponent is flying through the air, so you can do Burning Sun again.

VS Daggeron

  • While Daggeron is in normal mode, he only has one strike. This makes him vulnerable to breakers.
  • If you can hit Daggeron out of Mystic Carpet with a multi-hit strike, you can get a juggle out of it. This makes certain moves more useful than they would be otherwise.


  • Backdashing is much less effective against Daggeron while he’s in super mode. Stay in his face, make a decision, and commit to it.
  • If your character has high stats or a particularly powerful combo, try to land it right before Daggeron has his super meter full. Also, try stopping a combo short just before he fills it. This will give him minimal time with it active.

Advanced Tips

Awaken Flames Super Pause

Daggeron stops time when activating his super mode. With this in mind, you can save the activation for an ambiguous situation and then react accordingly.

Sun Beam Cancel

Canceling out of Sun Beam is an incredibly safe defensive option. If the opponent is doing a 50/50 mixup strike, you can do Sun Beam and immediately dash away. If they continue the strike, you’ll fight it off and open them up to a combo. If they cancel and go for a breaker, you’ll be out of the way.