Dragon Armor Trini enters the Grid!

New Characters / 7.02.2021


Dragon Armor Trini suits up for Legacy Wars

Trini Kwan in the Dragon Armor is a Legendary Attacker with relentless offense and damage. Her deceptively impressive range and speed help her get up close to do some serious damage. While she lacks any type-dedicated slots or counters, her frequent attacks make it easy to prepare your available moves for when it’s time to play defense. She has a powerful super for starting or extending combos, but its long startup can leave her vulnerable. Overall, her combination of speed, utility, and power requires the opponent to be cautious at all times.


Primary 1: Hack And Slash
Type: Strike
Cost: 3
A 50/50 mixup strike ending in knockback. The first two hits are so fast that if they opponent isn’t paying attention, they might not even realize they’re in a mixup before it’s too late. Due to the knockback reaction, it might be challenging to combo afterward depending on the stage position and what other attacks are available.

Primary 2: Mega Launch

Type: Breaker

Cost: 3
A quick breaker that goes into an air combo if it connects. It’s easy to dash afterward and combo into anything else. If you end a combo with it, it’s a great opportunity to recover lots of energy.

Special 1: Jet Rush
Type: Strike

Cost: 3
Trini charges across the entire screen and staggers the opponent. It’s got slow startup, but can be dash cancelled before she begins travelling forward. 

Special 2: Heavy Weight
Type: Breaker

Cost: 5
Trini’s only non 3-cost attack, but a damaging one with fast recovery and easy comboability. The more you can land this attack, the faster you’ll shred through the opponent’s lifebar. She can occasionally dodge attacks when jumping up in the air for this attack, but going airborne can allow her to be juggled.

Super: Havoc Laser

A full screen undodgeable projectile. It becomes available once she’s lost about 50% of her lifebar. It has slow startup, so it might be interrupted. In some situations, you can combo afterward. It’s best to either end a combo with it or use it for easy guaranteed damage if the opponent is running away. She has super armor while the beam is out, so you don’t have to worry about being interrupted by projectiles shot during its startup.

Assist: Double Beam

Type: Strike

Cost: 4
2 quick full screen beams ending in knockback. Although dodgeable, its quick startup can be challenging to see. You can use it in various ways, but an eagle-eyed opponent can punish it on reaction.

Sample Combos

Hack And Slash → Jet Rush → Mega Launch
The knockback from Hack and Slash can sometimes only be followed up with Jet Rush if the opponent is knocked back too far.
[combo 1 from the trailer footage g drive]

Jet Rush → Heavy Weight → Mega Launch

Heavy Weight’s fast recovery and high launch make it great for recovering energy. By dashing or taunting after Heavy Weight mid-combo, you can get enough energy back for Mega Launch or Hack and Slash.
[combo 2 from the trailer footage g drive]


VS Dragon Armor Trini

-Going for a gutsy dash up breaker is a better idea than you might think. Dragon Armor Trini doesn’t have any type dedicated slots, so she can’t rely on always having strike available to swat away otherwise unthreatening breakers. Trini’s attacker class and lack of a counter in her moveset highly encourages her to use counter assists, opening up this vulnerability to breakers even further.

-The final hit of Hack and Slash has full screen range. If you avoid the first two hits, countering the third is very easy.

-Havoc Laser is intimidating, but you can interrupt it with more than you might think. Even certain “combo” setups into it are not real combos. Try your character’s fastest attacks and experiment with when it’s safe to challenge it.

-After cornering Dragon Armor Trini with a combo, don’t just dash away full screen to recover energy. Try to stay just one dash away from her. Jet Rush is a mixup regardless of distance, and you can’t interrupt Havoc Laser if you’re too far away.

Advanced Tips

Hack and Slash to Mega Launch
If you input a dash cancel after Hack and Slash as quickly as possible, Mega Launch is quick enough to be guaranteed with no opportunity for the opponent to strikeout. This is risky to perform however, because by inputting this quickly you don’t know if the slot got Mega Launch or just another Hack and Slash. Only do this if you feel desperate to land a hit and the opponent has been reading your every move.

Jet Rush cancel tips

The dash cancel window for Jet Rush is huge. You can do it instantly or wait just before the rush. If you’re just trying to cycle to another special or want to tank through a breaker, do it instantly. If you’re trying to properly trick the opponent into blocking, do it as late as you can. Practice the timing for the late cancel in training so you can do it consistently in a real battle.