February 2021 Balance Update

News / 2.03.2021


February 2021 Balance Patch Update

The patch’s main focus centers on Leaders that can be used more effectively now with the new stats. Changes in EP costs, attack speed and damage, help provide a more balanced and exciting experience in Power Rangers: Legacy Wars.  

Adam Park Black Ninja (Leader)

With reduced damage for Explosive Escape and Leap Frog attacks, Adam should still be a powerful character with effective combos, but players will need to consider new ways to engage combinations during battle.

  • Twin Slicer: Reduced attack speed slightly by 20%.
  • Explosive Escape: Attack icon shown on the first frame.
  • Vanishing Drop: Attack icon shown on the first frame.
  • Leap Frog (Super): Reduced damage by 15%.
  • Explosive Escape: Reduced damage by 15%.


Blue Senturion (Leader)

There has been a reduction to Blue Senturion’s Super Meter charging rate and Blaster Mode’s damage. While Turbo Kick ‘s startup speed has been reduced, the hit reaction has been changed from Stun to Interrupt, adding new options with 50/50 combos.

  • Turbo Kick: Reduced startup and changed first hit reaction from Stun to Interrupt (on Haywire this attack remains the same).
  • Blaster Mode: Reduced damage by 20%.
  • Reduced the rate of charging super meter at 45% of the health bar.


 Gemma (Leader)

For being a 4 cost, Ice Mode’s freeze effect allowed it to extend combos for a long time, therefore cost and damage were increased to compensate. While Gemma’s primary attacks have been reduced in damage, she should still have long combos but with balanced damage. 

  • Ice Mode: Increased cost from 4 to 5; Increased damage by 20%.
  • Cyclone: Reduced damage by 10%.
  • Direct Aim: Reduced damage by 10%.


Goldar (Leader)

Although Goldar! Slash! is a 50/50 type attack, the 2nd hit came out so quickly that it was difficult for opponents to notice it was happening. With an increased cost and reduced speed, the damage has been increased to balance this attack. While Goldar! Stomp!´s damage has been slightly reduced, he remains a strong character. 

  • Goldar! Slash: Increased cost from 3 to 4; Increased damage by 10%; Reduced speed of the second hit.
  • Goldar! Stomp!: Reduced damage by 10%.


Gia Moran (Leader)

Gia´s Sword Stinger and Skeet Shot costs have increased in order to balance the power of her strikes. While Sabre whip’s damage has been reduced, it remains a very powerful and effective attack. 

  • Sword Stinger: Increased cost from 2 to 3.
  • Skeet Shot: Increased cost from 3 to 4; Increased damage by 10%.
  • Sabre Whip: Reduced damage by 20%.


Jason Lee Scott (Red Dragon Shield) (Leader)

For being a 3 cost, Dino Dragon Fury was too powerful; therefore, the cost has increased to 4. Dragon’s Eye damage has been slightly reduced, without affecting Jason’s high combos and strength.

  • Dino Dragon Fury: Increased cost from 3 to 4.
  • Dragon’s Eye:  Reduced damage by 10%.


Koda (Leader)

Changes were made to Koda’s gameplay to make his attacks more versatile. With a new branch in Half Moon Kick for tricky plays and a reduced Shield Slam cost, Koda has new options to deal with his enemies more effectively, while the damage has been slightly reduced.

  • Shield Toss: Increased projectile speed slightly by 10%.
  • Half Moon Kick: Added a dash cancel to the startup; Increased startup speed.
  • Shield Slam: Reduced cost from 5 to 4; Reduced damage by 20%. Second hit reaction changed from Knockdown to Launch.
  • Capoeira Combo: Changed third hit reaction from Interrupt to Sweep.


Kimberly Hart MMPR (Leader)

By increasing Jump Shot’s attack speed and modifying it from Interrupt to Stagger, Kim has more ways to combine movements, making it much more satisfying during combat. Power Chop’s cost has been reduced from 4 to 3 to improve effectiveness. 

  • Power Chops: Reduced cost from 4 to 3.
  • Jump Shot: Increased startup speed; Changed hit reaction from Interrupt to Stagger; Dash and action branches made sooner.


Rito Revolto (Leader)

Stumbling Fool has been modified to make this attack more consistent in juggle combos, while the counter attack’s damage and cost have been reduced for balancing purposes, Rito has more tools to thrive in battle. 

  • Stumbling Fool: First hit speed increased; Changed third hit reaction from Interrupt to Sweep.
  • Revolto Wallop: Reduced cost from 4 to 3; Reduced damage by 10%.


Robert “R.J.” James (Leader)

Super Move’s cost has increased and the damage was slightly reduced. Even though his combo flow remains the same, players will need to consider using it more carefully during battle. 

  • Wolf Beam Blast (Super): Reduced damage by 20%.
  • Reduced the rate of charging super meter by 35%.


Sam (Leader)

Hypermode’s cost and damage have been reduced, while increasing Omega Combo attack speed on the first hit, making Sam more versatile with more combination options.

  • Electro Mode: Increased projectile speed.
  • Omega Combo: Increased attack speed in the first hit.
  • Blast Mode: Increased Damage by 10%.
  • Hyper Mode: Reduced cost from 3 to 2; Reduced damage by 50%.


Zhane (Leader)

By changing hit reaction’s second strike in his main combo, increasing damage to the projectile and the new movement branch in Silverize Slash, Zhane can now be used in a more aggressive way during combat, using tricky plays and more effective combinations. 

  • Z Storm: Changed second hit reaction to Sweep.
  • Star Shot: Increased damage by 70%.
  • Silverizer Slash: Added a dash cancel to the start attack.


Daggeron (Leader)

  • Healing can no longer be removed when being hit.
  • Sun Beam restarts EP cooldown while used within a Combo