Happy Valentine’s Day! (2021)

News / 2.13.2021


Happy Valentine’s Day from Power Rangers: Legacy Wars!

Love is in the air on the Morphin’ Grid, and we’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with some special offers, challenges, and more!

Special Offers

We’ll have a few special offers available:

The Wedding

Rita has concocted a plan to make Zedd marry her! Take advantage of this wicked occasion by grabbing this special pack featuring Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd shards.

The Green Candle

Before Kat, there was the original Power couple. Celebrate Tommy and Kimberly with this special pack featuring Kimberly Hart Pink Ranger w./ Dragon Shield and Tommy Oliver Green Ranger V2 shards!

I Love Tori

It’s a classic love triangle with Cameron, Tori, and Blake shards from Power Rangers: Ninja Storm shards up for offer.


We’ll also have a variety of taunts available for the following characters available for purchase:

  • Kimberly Hart (Dragon Shield)
  • Sam
  • Kiya
  • Rita Repulsa
  • Lord Zedd
  • Tommy Oliver Green Ranger V2
  • Tori Hanson


Last, but not least, we’ll have Unmorphed Kimberly Hart available for purchase.