Introducing, Patrols!

News / 7.01.2021

Patrols Tutorial 

Rita’s army is growing fast and they are taking over the grid. Select and customize different teams in order to take back the grid by sending them in alternative Patrol’s missions and collect special rewards.

Patrols Main Screen 

Patrols is a new missions system that can be accessed through the missions tab on the main UI after reaching level  N°2.

Every day, up to 6 are available for you to play. Each mission has a different time length and  difficulty level, according to the following schedule: 

  • Easy (3 per day)
  • Medium (2 per day)
  • Hard (1 per day) 

Only 3 patrols can be active at the same time, locking a total of 9 characters from any other feature of the game. 

Patrols can be rushed in time by using the Rush button, which is linked to a cost in crystals determined by the remaining time of the mission. This doesn’t ensure mission success. 

Character selection Screen 

Eligible characters can be Leaders, Assists and Megazords, allowing you to fight Rita and his army by using your entire Roster, according to specific mission requirements. Here, a success bar is shown with a minimum mark that has to be filled before the Patrol can start. Each character selected for a Patrol will add to the success points required for that mission, which is determined by their rarity, level, skills and talents. Once the bar is filled, the success chance will mark the chance percentage for the Patrol to be successful.

Characters used in Patrols are locked and can’t be used in decks until the Patrol is claimed. Once a Patrol is ready to start, two buttons become available below, start and start with a success boost. 

Boost chance adds 10% more success points to the selected mission and has a cost in crystals. This cost is different for each mission difficulty. 


After completing a Patrol mission, you will receive a reward that is based on orbs and essences that will allow you to upgrade different characters.

Both failed and successful missions will grant you rewards, which are determined by the Patrol’s difficulty level.

So gather your best team and go out there, fight Rita and claim back the grid!