July 2021 Balance Patch Update

News / 7.14.2021



This patch is meant to address some of the leaders and assists in the game that needed to be balanced out.


Users will be able to see several adjustments focused on different areas of gameplay such as attacks with damage over time (DOT), attack speed, EP costs and general damage, providing a better gameplay experience in Power Rangers Legacy Wars .

MMPR Scorpina (Leader)

Scorpina’s Crescent Blade has proven to be a dominating attack. By increasing its cost and decreasing its speed, the ease of hitting with it and extending combos will be mitigated. Her Damage Over Time effect accounted for too much total damage at most progression levels, so that’s also being reduced.


  • Crescent Blade: Increased cost from 4 to 5; reduced startup attack speed slightly; reduced dodgeable frames on projectile from 5 to 2.
  • Scorpina’s Rage: Reduced startup attack speed slightly.
  • Reduced D.O.T. for Ruthless Slashes, Scorpina’s Rage and Crescent Blade by 35%.


MMPR Scorpina (Assist)

The Damage Over Time effect will be kept consistent across Scorpina’s leader and assist. Its great speed and cost hasn’t been adjusted, so it can still be used in the same openings and combos.


  • Reduced Scorpina poison damage (D.O.T.) by 35%


Cassie Chan (Leader)

Cassie Chan’s main game plan is simple, but frustrates many players with its frequency. A cost increase for Turbo Charge keeps her from spamming it, and Braking Kick’s cost increase keeps her from easily cycling to Turbo Wind Fire. With 3 cost assists like MMPR Green Tommy, it will still be possible to combo Turbo Charge into Wind Chaser.


  • Turbo Charge: Increased Cost from 3 to 4.
  • Braking Kick: Increased cost from 3 to 4; increased damage by 10%.

Trakeena (Leader)

In many ways, Trakeena’s moves felt more like a liability than tools for attacking. Insect Queen Combo will now properly combo in most juggles, and Bug Out’s dash cancel will let her use it to fight off strikes without immediately being countered herself.


  • Insect Queen Combo: Increased attack speed slightly; changed hit reaction of 3rd hit from “Interrupt” to “Sweep”
  • Wasp Sting: Increased attack speed slightly.
  • Bug Out: Added dash cancel to 1st hit.


Snide (Leader)

Snide has always had potential to be a powerhouse, but has been too slow to create an opening without assists. Increasing the speed of his specials will help that attack slot get more usage, and Exploding Sword causing both a stagger and a launch at close range will allow for more opportunities to combo and cash out on the damage he’s always had.


  • Exploding Sword: Both hits will always connect when used at close range.
  • Vortex Slash: Increased startup attack speed slightly; Added Dash and action branches.
  • Personality Split: Increased attack speed slightly; invincible while disappearing until hitbox.

Trent Fernandez (Leader)


Trent has been slowly but surely outclassed over time. Each of his moves has been improved, allowing him to do more combos without the use of assists and get countered less often.


  • Dashing Punch: Increased damage by 100%: increase attack speed slightly.
  • Super Speed Attack: Change hit reactions; add Dash and action branches.
  • Dragon Assault: Increased startup attack speed slightly.  
  • Laser Arrows: Dash and action branches made sooner.


Phantom Ranger (Leader)


Phantom Ranger has gotten a small but significant change to Backpedal Barrage, allowing it to start a combo if the final hit connects. Before, it wasn’t very threatening, and opponents had no real incentive to risk blocking it. With this new incentive to block it, Phantom Ranger will have more ways to trick the opponent and land Ruby Blast.


  •  Backpedal Barrage: Changed hit reaction of 3rd hit from “Interrupt” to “Stagger” .
  •  Ruby Blast: Reduced cost from 5 to 4.



MMPR Pumpkin Rapper (Leader)

Rapper Tentacle’s healing was occasionally useful, but it wasn’t quite enough to offset its somewhat underwhelming damage. Trick or Treat has an easily punishable animation, so it deserved more rewarding combos when successful; this has been achieved by reducing its cost. This Halloween will be a good one for the Rapper.


  • Rapper Tentacle: Increased damage by 15%
  • Trick or Treat: Reduced cost from 4 to 3.


MF – Daggeron (Assist)


Daggeron’s assist is pretty easy to land, but it’s high cost made it overall outclassed in usefulness by a lot of the staple assists used throughout the ladder. A lower cost without adding any more drawbacks should make it a more appealing option.


  • Jenji to the Rescue : Reduced cost from 5 to 4.