Kira Ford enters the Grid!

New Characters / 6.04.2021

Kira Ford joins the fight in Legacy Wars

Kira Ford is an Epic Balanced leader with a straightforward and easy to use moveset. Low costs across the board combined with a strike-only slot and a breaker-only slot make it easy to be either aggressive or answer what your opponent throws at you. Her damage is spread out well across her attacks, so damage is fairly consistent once she gets a combo going. For players trying to really optimize her gameplay, there’s a stack system to keep track of and master, which varies the properties of her breakers.

Stack System

Like Merrick and Psycho Green, Kira has a system of building up power with strikes and using it with her breakers. Unlike the aforementioned characters, the main benefit of powering up breakers comes from improved hitreactions and other properties for better combos.


Primary 1: Jurassic Strike
Type: Strike
Cost: 3
A 50/50 mixup strike that ends in a sweep reaction. If the first hit misses and is uncancelled, it’s easy for the opponent to dash in and block the final hit.

Primary 2: Thundermax Combo

Type: Strike

Cost: 3
A 50/50 mixup strike that ends in a knockback reaction. Aside from this and its slightly higher damage than Jurassic Strike, these strikes are mostly interchangeable in their use cases.

Special 1: Ptera Dive
Type: Breaker

Cost: 4
Kira jumps up in the air and dives down with her Ptera Grips. It’s a bit slow, but has good range and recovers very quickly, making for some tricky strikeout trap situations. Once Kira is high enough in the air, she’s fully invincible until she begins the dive.

0 stacks: Stagger hitreaction.

1-3 stacks: Stagger hitreaction, faster startup.

4 stacks: Sweep hitreaction, faster startup.

5-6 stacks: Launch hitreaction, starts invincibility much sooner, fully invincible during the dive until recovery, fastest startup.

Special 2: Ptera Scream
Type: Breaker

Cost: 3
A relatively quick breaker with fast recovery. It’s easy to throw out this attack at mid range with low risk.

0-3 stacks: Stagger hitreaction.

4 stacks: Stun hitreaction.

5-6 stacks: Faster startup, extra follow-up animation for increased damage, knockback hit reaction.

Assist: Dino Gem Power

Type: Disruptor

Cost: 3
A cheap disruptor assist that knocks back. To combo afterward, you need to dash forward. Kira moves forward before attacking, making it harder to avoid this assist. It’s just slow enough to be countered on reaction.

Sample Combos

Ptera Dive (max stacks) → Jurassic Strike → Thundermax Combo
Ptera Dive launches at max stacks, allowing for guaranteed strike combos.

Jurassic Strike → Thundermax Combo → Ptera Scream

Ptera Scream does bonus damage at max stacks, so it’s great to do after landing both strike skills.

VS Kira

-If Kira isn’t at max stacks and does Ptera Dive, it’s possible to juggle her before she hits the ground.

-Blocking is very powerful against Kira. If she can’t land strikes, she can’t build up stacks to get a launcher from her breakers. This forces her to cycle her breaker slot when comboing, which could cause a combo to come to an early end if a block shows up there.

-The gap between the 2nd and 3rd hits of Jurassic Strike is large, making it possible to interrupt her with a strike if she’s whiffing the attack.

Advanced Tip

Ptera Dive Invincibility
It doesn’t start instantly, but the invincibility of Ptera Dive can help get you out of sticky situations.