March 2022 Balance Patch Update

News / 3.11.2022


Hello Rangers! Our latest Balance Patch will address the strength of various characters in order to provide a more fun and balanced gameplay experience. Read on for more details!


Astronema (Leader) 

To put Astronema more in line with other rares, she’s seen a slight damage reduction. Sweet Evil was able to be used very frequently considering how good it is, so its cost was increased. To compensate, it saw a slight damage increase.

  • Wrath Staff: Reduced damage by 30%
  • Dark Princess: Reduced damage by 20%
  • Sweet Evil: Increased EP cost from 4 to 6; Increased damage by 10%


Tyzonn (Leader)

Tyzonn was very strong, but could feel a bit like he was on “autopilot” with how easy to land his moves were. Overdrive Kick and Drive Detector have had their costs increased to make players consider when to use them more carefully.

Mercurian Armor can still be used to shrug off any attack type, but it’ll need to be used with proper timing to be effective.

  • Mercurian Armor: Changed type attack from “Breaker” to “Strike”; Armor ends shortly before the first hit
  • Overdrive Kick: Increased EP Cost from 3 to 4; Projectile is dodgeable starting on frame 2, down from 5
  • Drive Detector: Increased EP Cost from 5 to 6


Dominic Hargan (Leader)

Dominic can trap opponents in the corner for a long while with his quick short range moves, so costs were increased to reduce his overwhelming pressure.

  • Blade Attack!: Increased EP cost from 4 to 5
  • Rhino Blade: Increased EP cost from 4 to 5


Daggeron (Leader)

Daggeron’s immensely powerful super mode was happening in almost every match, instead of during a last ditch effort to turn things around. From now on, Daggeron will need to be on his last legs before turning up the heat. This gives the opponent more opportunity for counterplay.

  • Solaris Succession: Increased EP cost from 3 to 4
  • Golden Kicks: Increased EP cost from 3 to 4
  • Laser Lamp: Changed second hit reaction from “Stagger” to “Interrupt”
  • Raging Solaris: Changed 3rd hit reaction from “Launch reverse” to “Knockdown”
  • Super mode becomes available at 30% or less of HP, down from 50% or less HP


Master Xandred (Leader)

Xandred has always lacked a way to poke at the opponent and safely strike out a breaker. This is a basic tool that nearly all characters have, so Xandred can have it now too.

  • Master’s Fury: Added Dash cancel after the first hit


Ninjor (Leader)

Ninjor has new opportunities to mix up opponents with his primaries. Waiting Game left him stuck in place for a long while after countering something, so now he can dash near the end of the animation. You have just enough time to use Waiting Game, dash forward, then get a guaranteed combo into Deceptive Dash.

  • Katana Triple Strike: Added dash cancel after the second hit
  • Burning Ninja: Added dash cancel before the hit
  • Waiting Game: Added dash branch after the hit


Lauren Shiba (Leader)

To help Lauren keep up with some of the newer characters, her most important move was given a slight cost reduction. This gives her a new combo in the corner and helps her use primaries a bit more often.

  • Samurai Strike: Reduced EP Cost from 5 to 4


Antonio Garcia (Leader)

With a hit-reaction change to Barracuda Blade, Antonio won’t have to corner people anymore to consistently build up his stack effect.

  • Barracuda Blade: Changed last hit reaction from “Knockdown” to “Sweep”


Koragg (Leader)

The ever-important Shield Bash has seen a cost reduction so that Koragg’s gameplan can be enacted more frequently.

  • Shield Bash: Reduced EP Cost from 5 to 4


Doggie Kruger (Assist)

Saber Strike is a decent combo starter, but its high cost obsoleted it, considering that skilled players can block it on reaction. It got buffed in both cost and damage to make it more appealing to use.

  • Saber Strike: Reduced EP Cost from 5 to 4; Increased damage by 10%


Phantom Ranger (Assist)

Trick Shot has always been a good assist for starting combos and catching the opponent off guard, but its high cost made it a tough sell. Some characters can get longer combos off of it now.

  • Trick Shot: Reduced EP Cost from 5 to 4


Psycho Red (Assist)

Power Grab occasionally missed the 2nd hit at certain ranges, which was frustrating. Now both hits should connect in nearly all cases.

  • Power Grab: Reduced EP Cost from 5 to 4: Changed first hit reaction from “Stagger” to Stun”