News / 5.25.2017


We’re happy to announce the reveal of the new Mission events for Legacy Wars!

Starting in the next update (1.3), all of our Heroes fighting for the Morphin Grid will see a new Mission button added to the game’s main menu. Inside, you’ll find new Daily and Weekly missions to complete as you take on the competition in PvP battles.

The Missions are designed to encourage players to change up their teams and try new characters. One day you may need to win a battle as an Attacker Leader while another will have you using one of your MMPR Warriors. Not to be outdone, even the Villains get their day!

Missions won’t just let more of your Warriors get their time on the battlefield; you’ll be rewarded with bonus loot for completing them! Mission Morph boxes will reward you with extra Shards and Coins each day and you can even earn some Zeo Crystals by completing the weekly Missions.

Check back for new Missions everyday!