November 2021 Balance Patch Update

News / 11.17.2021


This patch will address the strength of various characters in order to provide a more fun and balanced gameplay experience. We are buffing some more characters, so previously lesser characters may receive newfound abilities in various modes. Read on for more details!


Delphine (Leader)

With Aqua Combo no longer being a mixup strike, Delphine will only have one mixup cancel in her kit, preventing her from being relentlessly aggressive. The hit reaction change to Hydro Slash and the cost increase to Bubble Shot will reduce the upper limits of her combos.

  • Aqua Combo: Changed second hit reaction from “Stagger” to “Interrupt”
  • Bubble Shot: Increased cost from 3 to 4
  • Hydro Slash: Changed last hit reaction from “Launch” to “Knockdown”


Conner Mcknight (Leader)

Tyranno Staff, despite being a breaker, is very fast. To lower its frequency of usage without taking away the fun, it gets a cost increase. Conner has no trouble opening up a defensive opponent due to Tyranno Staff’s speed, making Thundermax Saber’s mixup a bit of overkill. Now, he’ll have to use it after launching the opponent. Speed Cyclone’s reaction was changed to help facilitate this. 

  • Thundermax Saber: Changed second hit reaction from “Sweep” to “Interrupt”
  • Tyranno Staff: Increased EP cost from 3 to 4
  • Speed Cyclone: Changed last hit reaction from “Stagger” to “Knockdown”


Tommy Oliver White Ninja (Leader)

Not only did Ninja Tommy have an overwhelming offense, but also highly damaging combos caused by his super mode. Various changes were made to his attacks to dampen the effectiveness of each, but he can still do some crazy things well above the average of most characters with the right assist setups.

  • Ninja Strike: Increased EP cost from 2 to 3; Ninja strike during super mode still costs 2 EP
  • Teleport Attack: Delayed activation of the hitbox when the attack begins; changed last hit reaction from “Launch” to “Knockdown”
  • Dashing Impact: Reduced startup attack speed slightly; Changed last hit reaction from “Knockdown” to “Stagger”
  • Kunai Justu: Changed the 1°hit reaction from “Stagger” to “Interrupt”; Is dodgeable 3 frames sooner; dash branch added after first hit; Reduced damage by 15%
  • Falcon Divekick: Increased EP cost from 4 to 5; Change last hit reaction from “Knockdown” to “Launch”; Reduced damage by 20%


Danny Delgado (Leader)

Danny has been infamously weak for a long time. These changes will allow Danny to finally do some consistent combos. Additionally, Axe Flurry cannot be cancelled in order to do it safely and have Bison Charge available more often.

  • Wild Kick Combo: Changed last hit reaction from “Interrupt” to Stagger”
  • Bison Charge: Added dash branch and action branch after first hit; increased damage by 75% 
  • Axe Flurry: Added dash branch after first hit, after second hit increased attack speed slightly 


Kiya (Leader)

With the hitreaction change to Kiya Punch, Kiya will be able to get guaranteed combos without the use of launching assists.

  • Kiya Punch: Changed hit reaction on ground from “Stagger” to “Knockdown”
  • Descending Trident: Increased attack speed slightly


Mesogog (Leader)

Mesozoic Rage has had its speed increased, making it even trickier to block. Psionic Brain Blast can now be used as a combo starter or even a surprise attack, helping Mesogog out a lot in general. Meso Flash gained invincibility after activation to prevent rare cases where he would get hit anyway after the successful counter.

  • Mesozoic Rage: Increased attack speed slightly
  • Psionic Brain Blast: Changed first reaction from “Interrupt” to “Sweep”
  • Meso Flash: Added invincible frames during offensive


Jason Lee Scott Gold Zeo (Leader)

By changing the 3rd reaction on Quadruple Kick, Gold Zeo Jason won’t need to worry about most juggle timings causing the attack to be blockable. Lord’s Assault was always a mixup once it started, but its first hit being reactable prevented it from being effective. With a dash branch before the first hit, it can be a mixup no matter what.

  • Quadruple Kick: Changed hit reaction of 3rd hit from “Interrupt” to “Sweep”
  • Leg Sweep: Increased attack speed slightly
  • Lord’s Assault: Added dash branch before first hit


Dai Shi (Leader)

Phantom Beast was changed to be more consistent in combos and usable as a mixup with impressive range. Ferocious Roar’s cost reduction will make a big difference, allowing him to do longer combos.

  • Ferocious Roar: Reduced cost from 5 to 4.
  • Phantom Beast: Added branch after first hit; Changed first air hit reaction from “Interrupt” to “Sweep”


Cameron Watanabe (Assist)

Wind Walk Saber was a very useful assist on paper, but it wasn’t seeing much use. Its damage increase will make it a bit more worthwhile, and the ability to act sooner afterward will help it as a combo starter as well.

  • Wind Walk Saber: Increased damage by 10%; branch point occurs sooner than before


Eric Myers (Assist)

FS Variant didn’t do much to stand out for its 5 cost, so it was made cheaper to be more in line with what other counterattack assists can do. 

  • FS Variant: Reduced cost from 5 to 4