November 2023 Balance Patch

News / 11.17.2023


This patch, meticulously investigated by the game developers, addresses the imbalances that have impacted the character roster, ensuring a more equitable and enjoyable experience for all players. We focused on adjustments to characters released this year that needed a boost while balancing character moves that were too advantageous over others. This patch will provide a more balanced experience in Power Rangers: Legacy Wars!

Tommy Black Dino  (Leader)

Mobility has been adjusted so that he has more freedom to react after performing his primary attacks when in super mode.

  • Jurassic Strike Super Mode) : Added action dash branch points to the end
  • Brachio Beatdown (Super Mode) Added action dash branch point to the end

Ransik (Leader) 

The start of attack speed in his super and assist has been slightly adjusted to be more effective.

  • Mutant Vengeance: Increased hitbox area and slightly longer attack duration.
  • Ransik Rage: Slightly increased startup attack speed.


Minor adjustments were made to her specials to improve her combo chances and improve her damage.

  • Laser Eyes: Increased damage by 15%
  • Electro Shock: Changed third hit reaction from “Stun” to “Sweep”; changed last hit reaction from “Knockdown” to “Sweep”

Xander Bly (Leader)

He gained upgrades to increase his effectiveness in the game as well as increased damage and more combo possibilities.

  • Mystic Force Fighter: Decreased cost from 4 to 3
  • Mystic Muscles: Increased Damage by 15%

Sky Tate (Leader)

To compensate for his gameplay, the damage of his specials was increased to make his combos more effective.

  • Blue Barrier: Increased damage by 15% 
  • Deltamax: Increased damage by 15% 

Blake Bradley (Assist)

A minimal but effective improvement to have better combo options during a counterattack.

  • Not A Scratch: Reduced cost from 4 to 3.

Antonio Garcia (Assist)

This adjustment was made to have a better chance of putting the opponent away if he connects, thus having a better perception of the next play.

  • Barracuda Bite: Changed second hit reaction from “Interrupt” to “Stagger”.

Orion (Leader)

Now that resources are a little more expensive and despite having a damage reduction, the adjustments were based on having a more balanced gameplay alongside the current meta.

  • Silver Combo: Increased Cost from 3 to 4
  • Final Strike: reduced damage by 20%
  • Power Sixth Unite: Slightly increased requirements to fully charge super meter. (making or receiving damage)

Jack D. Thomas (Leader)

The damage of his specials was reduced to be more in line with the characters’ rarity.

  • Ram Rush: Reduced damage by 10%
  • Hammer Time: Reduced  damage by 20%

Tori Hanson (Leader)

The adjustments to their movements are based on making them more in line with characters of their rarity, compensating a little for the damage in a movement that allows you to start or end a combo.

  • Ninja Beams: Increased cost from 2 to 3
  • Surfer Kick: Increased cost from 3 to 4; increased damage by 15%

Orion (Assist)

Its damage will be reduced to adjust according to its hit property, which will still be a good move to close combos.

  • Spear Crest: Reduced damage by 25%  

Delphine (Assist)

Adjusted the cost and damage according to the property of its attack, making it according to its rarity.

  • Psychic Bubble: Increased cost from 4 to 5; Increased damage by 10%