Tori Hanson enters the Grid!

New Characters / 8.21.2020


Tori Hanson makes waves in Legacy Wars


Tori excels in block punishment, with 3 of her 4 attacks starting a guaranteed combo. Her biggest asset is her breaker trap, which is reliable and leads to big damage, especially when using a block card rather than a counter. She has a 50/50, but she needs to be up close to use it or risk getting punished herself.


Primary 1: Seaquake Combo
Type: Strike
Cost: 4
Tori’s 50/50 strike cancel combo. Its range is a little lacking, so you’ll need to really be in the opponent’s face to get the sweep to connect. If you miss and don’t cancel, you’ll be left wide open to getting hit by a strike. To make up for these weaknesses, it does great damage for a 50/50.

Primary 2: Surfer Kick
Type: Breaker
Cost: 3
A breaker that goes about as far as a dash and a half. With its impressive range, it’s easy to catch opponents off guard with this. Since dodging it is rarely an option, opponents will be forced to use a strike if they don’t want to get hit by a combo.

Special 1: Ninja Beams
Type: Strike
Cost: 2
A projectile with slow startup that’s easy to block or dodge, but stuns the opponent if it hits. This attack is the ideal combo filler or finisher. Although this is her weakest attack, it’s the most efficient damage she has for the EP cost.

Special 2: Sea Wave Cuts
Type: Breaker
Cost: 4
A sword attack with similar range to Surfer Kick. If it connects, it goes into a follow-up attack that causes a launch. It goes into the follow-up attack even if the initial part hits a strike, making it a risky attack to open with.

Assist: Washed Out
Type: Counter
Cost: 4
Tori creates a water shield, then shoots out a pillar of water from under the opponent if attacked. This has the distinction of being a long range counter that launches the opponent, rather than knocking them back like Sledge. It’s a great assist for any leader that doesn’t have a counter skill of their own, like Tori herself.

Sample Combos
Seaquake Combo → Dash → Sea Wave Cuts → Ninja Beams
Ninja Beams is a great combo finisher because the stun gives you lots of time to recover energy and reposition yourself. Be sure to carefully time Ninja Beams the lasers don’t go under the opponent.

Surfer Kick → Sea Wave Cuts → Dash → Seaquake Combo
An 11 energy combo that does huge damage. Inputting Seaquake Combo doesn’t require precise timing, but you can get more energy than necessary if you time it just right.

VS Tori Hanson
The follow-up attack of Sea Wave Cuts plays out even if it hits a strike’s startup. This means it can’t be used for a breaker trap, so strike it without fear.

If she’s chasing you to the corner and you’ve got a quick strike, try using it when she’s one dash distance away so you can preemptively hit her out of an attempted breaker trap from mid ranger or Sea Quake Combo from close range.
-Tori is a defender and does 3-card combos with nearly every successful hit, so you can expect her to have a block card at almost all times.
-If you dodge an uncancelled Sea Quake Combo, you don’t need to go for a disruptor; hit her with a strike between the 2nd and 3rd hits!

Advanced Tips

Surfer Kick Breaker Trap
Contrasting with Sea Wave Cuts, Surfer Kick is a great breaker trap. At only 3EP, it’s a cheap one, too. So after a breaker trap, you can combo into Sea Wave Cuts and then Seaquake Combo for excellent damage.

Tori’s Unique Backdash
Tori’s backward dash travels a bit faster than most other characters. This gives her an edge against otherwise difficult to avoid attacks.