Version 1.3.5 Release Notes

News / 6.20.2017


What’s New?

Friendly Match Rules, Health and Primary Attack Orbs, Primary Strike Combo Cancelling and more…..

New Warriors

  • 5 Mysterious Warrior Leaders
  • 4 Mysterious Warrior Assists

Friendly Match Rules

Friendly Match Rules allow the host to balance up the player, warrior and orb levels to match evenly with their opponent. Host’s can also select the League Arena and revisit previously unlocked locations.

Training Match Leveling

AI Opponents in Training Match will be leveled to match the player’s current player, warrior, and orb level.

Health and Primary Orbs

Discover new Orbs of Eltar to level up Warrior Health and Primary Attacks.

New Weekly Missions

We’ve added three new sets of weekly missions for players to complete. Each set will consist of four missions to reward players that change up their teams and will require you to use Leaders and Assists for Villains, Red Rangers, and our female Heroes. Completing all four missions per week will pay out extra Orbs of Eltar and bonus Epic shards.

Primary Strike Combo Cancelling

Mixup your Primary Strike Combos and fake out your opponent by performing a Dash immediately after starting the combo on most of your favorite Leader warriors.

Leader Warriors with Breaker Combos do not get a cancel

  • Lord Zedd – Double Trouble
  • Master Xandred – Nighlok Combo

Other Improvements

  • Enhanced VFX Toggle – Turn off Enhanced VFX to get better performance on lower end devices
  • Mission UI – Improvements to timer display and main menu notifications
  • Chest Slot Full Popup – Reduced the appearance of the Chest Full Slot warning popup

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected damage amounts displayed in Roster for multiple Warriors
  • Movie Blue Assist no longer causes players to switch stage sides