Version 1.4.2 Release Notes & Balance Changes

News / 8.21.2017



Combat Card UI Update

We wanted to improve communication during combat for when an attack is stopped by your opponent, when an attack is activated, and when an attack is cancelled, so we updated the effects and animation of the combat cards to explain when those states are happening.

Additional Improvements

  • Added notification for when a talent is upgradable
  • Improved load times when matching up with low-end devices in battle
  • Increased performance of low-end devices

Bug Fixes

Invincibility Frames

Invincibility frames are an essential part of an attack when it comes to player feedback because it guarantees that the attack animation plays when the card is executed. The majority of the time, invincibility frames should not cause an attack to miss. That being said, there were times where attacks were not connecting when they should have been due to a bug that caused invincibility frames to extend longer than intended. This fix should significantly reduce the times invincibility frames can cause an attack to miss.

Additional Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where characters sometimes appeared offset from the center of the arena
  • Fixed attack priority on Gia (this caused Gia’s attacks to miss when they should be connecting)

Combat Balance Changes 

Recovery Speed

The state that Warriors go into when a Strike is Blocked is called Recovery. This state was formerly too long, and has now been shortened to lower punishment to players that use Strikes aggressively.

Breaker Speed

We recognized that Strike and Defensive moves were more viable than Breakers in most situations. To address this, we sped up all Breakers making them more useful in combat.


The 2nd hit of the Repulsa Balls attack was pretty much a guaranteed hit so we reduced the damage slightly to balance the damage to the EP cost.

Repulsa Balls

  • (-) Damage of the 2nd projectile reduced (70 -> 56) (20%)

MMPR Goldar

Goldar’s combo ability was hampered by the EP cost of his main multi hit strike so we reduced this by 1 EP to make it a lot easier to combine with his other abilities.

Goldar! Slash!

  • (+) EP Reduced from 5 -> 4


Mesogog’s Focus Strike is a powerful move that needed distance to make it more useful when out of range.

Focus Strike

  • (+) Forward movement added to it

Meso Flash

  • (+) Made sure all 3 hits connect, fixed visuals on the animation

Magna Defender

Magna’s ability to get opponents in the air for the Sika’s Vengeance follow up extra damage was underestimated, so we’ve reduced the aerial portion of damage that it deals.

Sika’s Vengeance

  • (-) Damage decreased on the aerial hits (27-> 15) x 3 hits (45%)

Lord Drakkon

With heavy Breakers that move across the screen, Drakkon needed a damage reduction to be more fair.

Furious Blade Combo

  • (-) Damage Decreased on 1st Hit (45 -> 34) (25%)

Corkscrew Torpedo

  • (-) Damage Decreased on 1st Hit (56 -> 45) (20%)
  • (-) 3 EP -> 4 EP

Surging Cyclone

  • (-) Damage Decreased on 2nd Hit (100 -> 87) (13%)

Black Dragon

Black Dragon’s size and attack speed made it a little hard to connect with the first hit of his multi attack so we put Stun on the first hit to make this ability connect more reliably.

Stomp and Chomp

  • (+) First hit now stuns


With Kim’s Jump Shot decreasing in startup, we felt that she had too many good ways to open.

Backflip Kick

  • (-) 3 EP -> 4 EP

[Assist] Psycho Red

Added stagger to the first hit to connect  easier.

Power Grab

  • (+) 1st hit now Staggers

[Assist] Trakeena

Mandible Bites

  • (+) Stagger Removed, making it a better to combo midair opponents

[Assist] Black Dragon

Bruiser Missile

  • Fix: Now properly reacts to Breakers with Stun