Version 1.6.0 & Major Balance Changes

News / 12.11.2017


What’s New?

Daily Login Rewards

To thank those that play everyday, we’ve added a Daily Login Reward! Each day when you login you will earn a free reward, with more login days leading to better rewards. Earn Crystals, Coins, Warriors, and more.


Rub in that big combo you just landed with taunts! Each Leader Warrior has their own unique Taunt that can be activated in matches. Taunts do not cost energy and do not have invincibility frames. Any action (move, dash, being hit) performed will cancel the Taunt.

Online Alliance Members

You can now see who in your Alliance is currently playing by looking in the Info popup within your Alliance.

Challenge Level and Talent Capping

To make it easier to bring in new Warriors onto your Challenge team, we lowered the Level and Talent Cap for Challenges.

To see which talents of you Warrior will be eligible for Challenges, go to: Team → Roster → Select a Warrior → Talent Tab → Scroll down until you see the Talent Cap line.

Warrior Level Cap (Old → New)

  • Common: 9 → 8
  • Rare: 7 → 6
  • Epic: 5 → 4
  • Legendary: 3 → 2  

Vibration On/Off Option

If you are trying to sneak in a match at work, you can now go into Settings to turn off the vibration that happens when a match is found.

Balance Changes

For this round of balance changes, we wanted to focus on boosting some Warriors that were not being played that often. While there are a few Warriors we’ve adjusted that are a bit too strong, the overall focus in this update is to boost Warriors that weren’t quite strong enough.

We’ve also added a fire status effect that does damage over time (DoT) to some Warriors. Characters such as Lauren Shiba now can burn their opponents after a successful hit. Like Udonna’s freeze, we want to add variation that will mix up the standard tactics of combat.


Zack Taylor – MMPR Black

Zack did not have enough combo and damage potential. We’ve adjusted the timing and damage of his Hip Hop Combo.

Hip Hop Kido

  • (+) Speed between the 1st and 2nd hit to make it connect fully with a launched opponent
  • (+) Increase Damage of 1st Hit (145%)

Breakin’ Kick

  • (+) Can now be cancelled


Secretly one of the highest tiered characters in the game, MMPR Blue had a win rate that rivaled Koragg’s. A lot of this is due to his ability to continuously poke his opponent. While we didn’t want take this fully away from him, we also did not want him to have an endless amount of pokes at his disposal.

Vaulting Kick

  • (-) EP Cost (2 → 4)
  • (+) Increased Damage (25%)


While strong, Goldar does not have a lot of range, which makes him hard to use. With a bit more range and a slight reduction in EP, his moves should have a tad less risk to them.

Goldar! Stomp!

  • (+) Area of Damage

Goldar! Slash!

  • (+) EP Cost (4 → 3)

Zack Taylor – Movie Black

Zack was a bit too sluggish so we altered two of his moves to increase his combo potential and speed. By changing Rolling Thunder from a stagger to a sweep, you can now easily combo off of the move even if your opponent is not in a corner.

Rolling Thunder

  • (+) Hit Reaction changed from Stagger → Sweep

Daredevil Chain

  • (+) Speed up all three hits of the combo

Katherine Hillard – Zeo Pink

Very few players realized that the Faint Palm could dodge projectiles and that was due to how small the dodge window was. We increased said window to make the move easier to pull off.

Disc Spin

  • (+) Reduced start up time
  • (+) Changed from Strike to Defensive

Feint Palm

  • (+) Dodge Projectile Frames Increase

Morgan Kendall – Dino Charge Purple

Her Bayonet Slasher made her unreliable at times, as positioning could cause her to miss hits during an attack. In order to ensure that the 2nd hit connects we’ve made some changes to how this ability works.

Bayonet Slasher

  • (+) 1st Hit change from interrupt to sweep
  • (-) 1st hit Slower Startup
  • (+) 1st hit guaranteed combo to 2nd hit

Gun Bash

  • (+) Faster recovery

Zhane – In Space Silver

Zhane is in much better shape than he was at his release, however sometimes he’s a bit too quick. We’ve increased the startup time on Silverise Slash to give his opponents a better opportunity to counter.

Silverizer Slash

  • (-) 1st hit increased startup


Trakeena is another Warrior you shouldn’t sleep on. While not as popular as some Warriors, Trakeena in the right hands can be very successful. Her biggest downside is the lack of comboing potential. To help compliment her sweep, we’ve adjusted the speed of her combo so that the sweep and the combo would partner well together.

Bug Out

  • (-) Increase Start up
  • (+) Total combo speed increased
  • (+) 1st Hit Damage Increased (25%)


While jetpacks are inherently cool (or hot, depending on who you ask), Rito’s wasn’t too useful in combat. We’ve added an additional hit at the beginning of the move that staggers the opponent, thus guaranteeing the final blow.

Flying Rito

  • (+) Additional hit and stagger

Tommy Oliver (MMPR White)

While there are many tools at Tommy’s disposal, his ability to bait blocks was hindered by the speed of Feinting Rush, making the window of time you can cancel this attack very short. We’ve slowed it down just a bit so that cancelling is more reliable.

Feinting Rush

  • (+) Slight slowdown of animation to improve ability to cancel strike


Each of Ninjor’s moves, besides from his single hit attack, had large disadvantages. The changes below should make Ninjor a more formidable Warrior.

Waiting Game

  • (+) EP reduced (4 → 2)

Katana Triple Strike

  • (+) Faster startup

Burning Ninja

  • (+) Increased damage


Koragg’s damage potential was just too high. A single mistake against him would leave you with little health. The combo of Shield Bash and Dark Magic Strike made Koragg a tier above all others. This is why we reduced the impact of this combo. He still hits hard, but just a little less so.

Shield Bash

  • (-) EP increase (4 → 5)

Dark Magic Strike

  • (-) 1st hit damage decrease (-25%)
  • (-) 2nd hit damage decrease (-20%)

Jason Lee Scott – Zeo Gold

When Zeo Gold hits, he hits hard, it’s just difficult to make contact. We increased the speed of two of his attacks to make initializing combos easier.

Leg Sweep

  • (+) Decreased startup

Golden Pulse

  • (+) Decreased startup

Dai Shi

As if he wasn’t cool enough, we thought added a fire DoT to the final hit of his combo.

Zocato Fury

  • (+) Fire DoT on last hit of combo

Lauren Shiba – Samurai Red

Seems only fair that a flaming sword will set an opponent on fire. We’ve increased the EP of Kanji by one to offset her double DoTs.

Kanji Blast

  • (+) Fire DoT upon hit
  • (-) EP increase (3 → 4)

Fire Sword Charge

  • (+) Fire DoT upon hit


Lauren Shiba – Samurai Red

And again, seems only fair that a flaming sword will set an opponent on fire.

Fire Sword Slash

  • (+) Fire DoT upon hit


Rito’s assist need a little something to make the lower damage worth it. The DoT added to his flameflower changes the way this assist can be utilized.

Rito Roast

  • (+) Fire DoT upon hit

Rita (MMPR)

Ever since we increased the speed of breakers, Rita Assist becomes one of the most favored Warriors in the game. With the speed of a strike attach, low ep cost, and combo potential, it’s hard to justify her not being on your team. We slowed her startup and increased the ep cost in order to make her use more situational.

Witch’s Will

  • (-) EP increase (3 → 4)
  • (-) Slower startup

Lord Drakkon

His speed and low cost put him at a large advantage over other assists, so we’ve increased the EP cost to make using him a more calculated decision when choosing a team.

Mean Streak

  • (-) EP increase (3 → 5)


Koragg’s Shield of Darkness was just a little too strong for the EP cost so we bumped it up to balance the utility.

Shield of Darkness

  • (-) EP increased (3 → 4)

Jason Lee Scott – Zeo Gold

Speed, range and low ep cost made Zeo Gold very powerful. We’ve increased his EP cost to put him more in-line with other Assists.

Gold Rush

  • (-) EP increase (4 → 5)


We realized that despite having four Megazords to choose from, players were favoring Dino due to his all around usefulness, while the other Megazords fell by the wayside. We’re bringing Goldar, Predazord, and Thunder up to be more competitive with Dino.

Mega Goldar

Giant Backhand

  • (+) Increased Damage (13%)

Swooping Tackle

  • (+) Increased Speed

Seismic Stab

  • (+) Faster Startup

Titan Stomp

  • (+) Faster Startup


Predator Wave

  • (+) Faster Startup

Crescent Boomerang

  • (+) Increased Damage (50%)

Gator Staff

  • (+) Increased Damage (50%)

Thunder Megazord

Thunder Blow

  • (+) Faster Startup
  • (+) Increased Damage (14%)

Saber Parry

  • (+) EP decrease (3 → 2)