Version 2.2 Release Notes

News / 7.09.2018


Rita grows more powerful by the day, but we found a way to fight back! You can help save the grid by participating in the new Challenge Seasons event.

NEW FEATURE – Challenge Seasons

How to Fight Back

Collect Grid Tokens from winning matches in Challenges. Not all Challenges will have Grid Tokens. Tokens will be claimed after the current Challenge entry is finished. Grid Tokens cannot be earned outside of Challenge Seasons.

Gain Progress Rewards

Each Season as you collect Grid Tokens you’ll gain rewards from your progress. Earn Tokens to reach new Tier Rewards. Exchanging Tokens for items in the shop will not decrease your progress. Progress cannot be made outside of Challenge Seasons.

Collect Tokens, Grow Stronger

Use Tokens on exclusive items in the Challenge Items shop. Buy guaranteed shards for Warriors and Megazords, with more items to come. The Challenge Store will reset every Challenge Season.

Spend Tokens before the next Challenge starts before they get reset with the new Season. Tokens that are not spent when the Season concludes will be converted into Power Coins sent to you via in-game mail to claim at the start of the next Season.

NOTE: Spending tokens DOES NOT reduce your season progress

UPDATE – Score Attack

With the addition of Challenge Seasons some Score Attack Challenges will also include rewards for each completed entry into that Challenge along with the standard leaderboard reward. This will make each entry count!

UPDATE – Adjustment to Health and Damage Scaling

As with our recent prior updates we are steadily working on addressing power inflation within the game. As before, Players will either see an increase in health and damage or remain mostly the same for those on the higher end of the spectrum.

  • Base health and damage has gone up by about 23%
  • Health and damage increase by 7% per level instead of 8% per level
  • This affects hero shard levels and ability orb levels

Improvements – UI

We’ve cleaned up some of the more cluttered UI with changes to the League Promotion screens, some Shop sections will require less scrolling to see content, and new players will be guided to joining Alliances when they meet the minimum requirement. Additionally you will now be able to view whom removed a member of an Alliance in the Alliance chat. 

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Kat Manx Leader was able to cancel Cat Scratch by dashing at any point during the attack
  • Fixed and issue where Wild Force Black (Danny) ability Spinning Roundhouse had a reach beyond his model
  • Fixed an issue where multi-hit projectiles would ‘live’ beyond being countered, particularly Street Fighter projectile strikes against blocks
  • Fixed an issue where in rare cases replays would show the incorrect card being used
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes Warriors would show the incorrect clash color/status effect (red, yellow, blue)
  • Fixed an issue where Movie Rita would display multiple hit reaction animations while being hit with one multi-hit ability
  • Fixed an issue that would cause an opponent when hit with Super Mode Knee Press (M. Bison) to float
  • Fixed an issue where Dino Thunder Black Energy Orb would miss opponent while they were bounced
  • Fixed an issue where the Taunt button and Super Mode text/visual would incorrectly overlap
  • Fixed a camera issue that occurred when an Assist with a projectile performed the final hit
  • Fixed a a camera issue where Ryu’s feet and the ground if Super Hadoken was used to finish the match
  • Fixed an issue where UI would display a maximum of 9 energy in rare cases
  • Fixed issue where tapping on certain screens could lock the UI
  • Fixed and issue where players were unable to see icon of real world prize on iOS
  • Fixed missing sound effects
  • Fixed various visual effects
  • Optimized VFX that resulted in lower frame rate on devices with less memory