Version 2.3 Release Notes

News / 8.20.2018


It’s Power Rangers’ 25th anniversary and we’re celebrating with a mighty update along with a 25 day in-game party! The update and the celebration start on August 23rd!

EVENT – 25 for 25 Anniversary Celebration

We are celebrating the 25th anniversary of Power Rangers with 25 days of events, sales, giveaways and more! Check in each day to see what’s next in the celebration.


Gold Samurai (Antonio Garcia) from Samurai – August 24th

Shadow Ranger (“Doggie” Cruger) from SPD – September

Ranger Slayer (Kimberly Hart) from the Go Go Power Rangers Comics – September

Hyperforce Yellow (Jack Thomas) from Hyperforce – October

Titanium Ranger (Ryan Mitchell) from Lightspeed Rescue – October

New – Power Chamber Environment (Juice Bar)

What’s a party without some drinks? We have transformed the Power Chamber into Angel Grove’s favorite after school hangout for the 25th Anniversary.

NEW ARENA – Corrupted Megazord Hangar (Elite League + Challenges)

Rita’s corruption has found its way to the Megazord Hangar. Players in Elite League will fight in this new Arena. The arena will also show up in Challenges for all to enjoy.

NEW FEATURE – Megazord Custom Battles

The custom battle feature can now be used with Megazords! Use the code system to battle against your friends in Megazord Battles.

NEW FEATURE – Taunt Inventory

Preview, unlock, and equip additional taunts for select Warriors. More taunts will be added over time.


VIP is a monthly subscription that provides bonuses that range from more calendar rewards to exclusive taunts. The higher your VIP level the better the rewards.

Bonuses include:

  • VIP Daily Rewards
  • VIP Lifetime Rewards
  • Exclusive VIP Missions
  • Exclusive VIP Shop
  • Bonus shards from boxes
  • Bonus challenge coins
  • Bonus Rewards from Challenge Boxes
  • Bonus PvP gold
  • Extended PvP wins gold cap
  • Bonus Daily Calendar Rewards
  • Bonus rewards from Megazord Power Tier Rewards
  • All Morph boxes with 90 minutes or less are free to open

UPDATE – Adjustment to Power Scaling for Megazords

Similar to our Warrior Health and Damage Scaling adjustments, we will be working on addressing power inflation with Megazords. The goal is to improve matchmaking quality by concentrating pools of potential opponents. Players will either see an increase in their power rating, with power remaining mostly the same for those on the higher end.

  • Zord base health as been been increased by 104%
  • Zord base damage has been increased by 47%
  • Zord health has been increased by 2% per level instead of 3%
  • Zord damage has been increased by 2% per level instead of 3%

UPDATE – Adjustment to Health and Damage Scaling

As with our recent updates we are steadily working on addressing power inflation within the game. As before, Players will either see an increase in health and damage or remain mostly the same for those on the higher end of the spectrum.

  • Base health and damage has gone up by about 25%
  • Health and damage increase by 6% per level instead of 7% per level
  • This affects hero shard levels and ability orb levels

Balance Changes

These balance changes had been originally intended to go into the last update but they needed more testing time so we pushed them back into this update.

Tommy Oliver (Dino Thunder Black)


Dino Thunder Black is a fan favorite, and he is a favorite of ours as well.  His initial balance did not meet the standards of the competitive environment he entered.  This update is directly aimed at making the leader match the legend.

Jurassic Strike

  • Base Damage increased by ~32%

Brachio Beatdown

  • Base Damage increased by ~36%

Energy Orb

  • Normal Base Damage increased by ~55%

Super Mode Wind Strike

  • Cannot be blocked after being hit.

Super Mode

  • There is no longer an ability cost reduction upon activation of Super Mode.
  • Super mode overall damage boost decreased from 50% to 37%.
  • Super Mode fills quicker on taking damage and ability use.
  • Super Mode duration increased from 10 seconds to 15 seconds.

Robo Knight (Power Rangers Megaforce)


Maximum Force

  • Now easier to dash cancel

Jason Lee Scott (Power Rangers Zeo Gold)


Gold Rush

  • EP Cost increased from 5 to 7.


Projectiles are a liability for many characters who have them.  Projectiles should be respected and situationally useful. A feature that was limited to Street Fighter characters has been extended to all Leaders and assists.  Now all projectiles cannot be dodge when directly next to an opponent. Be cautious when you are cornered against projectile characters. Work to pressure your opponent and leave room to dodge backward.

Bug Fixes

  • Dai Shi’s taunt was showing the wrong animation
  • Gia’s  taunt was showing the wrong animation
  • In order to comply with Apple App Store Policy we are no longer offering Code Redemption for Apple users
  • Improved Robo Knight (Leader) Maximum Force dash cancel
  • Fixed an issue where Alliance Member online count was not counting online members
  • Fixed an issue where Challenge Season Tier Reward Boxes were not being displayed when earned (items were still recieved)
  • Fixed an issue when selecting a Team for a Challenge the Cap was not being applied during selection (Cap was still applied during the match)
  • Fixed an issue where app would default to Hub screen following a Warrior Boost being applied
  • Fixed a display issue showing incorrect preview rewards upon a Challenge Ending
  • Fixed a display issue where Missions screen would become unaligned
  • Fixed an issue where Talents beyond the Challenge line would occasionally be applied during Challenge matches (issue was resolved in a 2.2.1 patch)
  • Fixed an issue where Warriors killed while in Super Mode (Street Fighter) state would become stuck in invincibility (issue resolved in a 2.2.1 patch)
  • Additional fix to Wild Force Black (Leader) Breakin’ Kick hit extending beyond character model