Version 2.4 Release Notes

News / 10.16.2018


Hi Rangers!

A Halloween event is coming this year, these pumpkins on your head will have you in fear. While a rappin’ pumpkin will be around, in the roster he won’t be found. Megazords and Rangers in the same event, the rules for Challenges have been bent.

We hope you enjoy Update 2.4. Stay tuned for more surprises this year!


Halloween Event: From October 27th to November 1st.  

Pumpkin Rapper Challenge: Pumpkin Rapper is wreaking havoc on the Morphin Grid, plopping pumpkins on everyone’s head!

Pumpkin Rapper Taunt: The following Rangers have a new taunt available that has them tugging and pulling trying to get that pumpkin off of their head:

  • MMPR Jason
  • MMPR Billy
  • MMPR Zack
  • MMPR Kimberly
  • MMPR Trini
  • MMPR Tommy (green)
  • Zhane
  • Andros
  • T.J. Johnson


Solo Megazord Event Fight on your own against Megazords. There will still be Alliance Missions, but when it comes to the leaderboard you’re all on your own.

Megazord ChallengesCompete in Challenges with your favorite Megazords.

Mix Team ChallengesCreate the ultimate team of Rangers and Megazords in this brand new Challenge mode.

Purchase Taunts in Warrior Info Screen Taunts will cost either Coins, Crystals, or Grid Tokens depending on the Taunt.


New Alliance Crests We’ve added 8 new Alliance crests.

Note on balance changes: We are aiming to have a more consistent cadence on balance changes to keep the game fresh and interesting. Our next balance change is planned for November. More will be announced at a later date.

*Addendum 10/18: MMPR Rita’s Mystic Fate was slowed down by 40% – While this reduction has been planned for awhile, it was not intended to be included in this update, but rather included in the Balance Change update planned for the future. We apologize for the confusion.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Ryu Ranger’s Taunt Preview
  • Fixed an issue where Lord Drakkon was unable to move at the very beginning of a match
  • Fixed an issue where Calendar claim button would cover amount of rewards