Taylor Earnhardt flies into Legacy Wars

New Characters / 4.03.2020


Taylor Earhardt flies into Legacy Wars

Putting her military training to good use, Taylor has an arsenal of low cost abilities that help her swiftly go on the offensive. The speed and range of her dedicated strike slot is enough to make opponents second guess every move. Although attacking is her specialty, she also has a disruptor that helps prevent her from getting overwhelmed.


Primary 1: Delta Strikes
Type: Strike
Cost: 4
Two rushing dagger slashes followed by a kick. If the second hit connects, the third hit is guaranteed. The first hit is effective from one dash away, making it great for chasing down an opponent.

Primary 2: Soaring Darts
Type: Strike
Cost: 3
Taylor hops backward and throws a set of darts that stun the opponent. While hopping backward, Taylor can pass through an opponent’s projectiles.

Special 1: Lofty Kick
Type: Breaker
Cost: 3
Two upward kicks that launch the opponent. It’s a little slow, but the low cost makes up for it.

Special 2: Exemption Nudge
Type: Disruptor
Cost: 3
A dagger lunge that can blow through enemy strikes. It can’t be used to start a combo, but has deceptive range.

Assist: Swooping Dagger
Type: Breaker
Cost: 5
Taylor flies in from the air and launches the opponent with her dagger. This assist has incredible range and speed, making it great for starting a combo for an otherwise slow leader. Try to use this assist alongside a leader with a high damage 5 cost skill.

Sample Combos

Lofty Kick → Delta Strikes → Soaring Darts
Lofty Kick launches opponents higher than most other launchers, so you may need to adjust the timing of follow-up attacks compared to other characters.

Soaring Darts → Delta Strikes → Soaring Darts
By carefully positioning yourself, you can cause the first hit of Delta Strikes to miss. This prevents the opponent from blocking the second and third hit.

VS Taylor Earhardt tips
If you want to minimize risk rather than read your opponent, attempting to block the second hit of Delta Strikes is usually the better option.

If Taylor is playing defensively, you can assume a block is covering up her first slot. Use this opportunity to go for a breaker!

-Just because you’ve dodged backward once doesn’t mean you’re safe. Taylor’s attacks have a deceptively long range, so be on your toes even while retreating.

-Don’t be afraid to use slow or multi-hit attacks against Taylor if she’s recently used a block. She can’t start combos with her disruptor. She’s also an attacker, so she gets less blocks than balanced or defender leaders.

Advanced Tips

Ending combos with Lofty Kick
Whenever possible, you should end a combo with Lofty Kick. Because Soaring Darts recovers slowly, Lofty Kick is her most efficient way of recovering energy

Continuing offense after Exemption Nudge
Although Exemption Nudge can’t start a combo, it still creates an advantage. Taylor recovers before her opponent if she dashes after the attack. This gives her just enough time to attempt a 50/50 mixup with Delta Strikes.