Dev Blog / 5.18.2017

Developer Diary #4: Character Balancing & Creative Process

Explain the recent character balances (e.g Team Health): Balance updates are a necessary part of keeping Legacy Wars strong, and ensures that players have a wide selection of teams and


Dev Blog

Dev Blog / 3.21.2017

Developer Diary #3: Combos & Team Compositions

Combos: Managing power costs to combo When it comes to combos the important thing to keep in mind is what moves work well with each other. Timing and attack distance

Dev Blog / 3.17.2017

Developer Diary #1: Top Questions and Answers from Players

How much does the game cost? Power Rangers: Legacy Wars is a completely free-to-play mobile game. Buying in-app purchases can certainly enhance the experience, but you can enjoy and progress

Dev Blog / 3.10.2017

Developer Diary #2: Tips & Tricks

Battle Mechanics Power Rangers: Legacy Wars is a real-time PvP game. If you face a particularly skilled opponent and get beaten, don’t let it get you down. Jump back into

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