New Characters / 6.03.2022

Aisha Campbell joins the battle in Legacy Wars

It’s time to boogie with the bear! Aisha is a Balanced Ranger that is strong and agile, pushing the limits of her Ninjetti skills. This Yellow Ninja Ranger will surprise


New Characters

New Characters / 5.06.2022

Kamdor joins the battle in Legacy Wars!

Kamdor is an Epic Defender that excels at punishing an opponent’s mistake and pushing them to the corner. In the neutral game, he has mid range moves to catch a

New Characters / 4.08.2022

Skull (and Bulk) are here to save the day in Legacy Wars!

Eugene Skullovich is an Epic Attacker that pesters the opponent with strikes, then goes in for a massive damage breaker. With the low cost of his moves, he can attack

New Characters / 3.19.2022

Venjix Virus Hacks the Grid in Legacy Wars!

Venjix hacks the grid in Legacy Wars Venjix is a Legendary Defender with an assortment of fast combo starters. It’s never safe to stand next to him, which may cause

New Characters / 2.25.2022

Alyssa Enrilé Joins the Fight in Legacy Wars!

Alyssa Enrilé joins the fight in Legacy Wars Alyssa Enrilé is an Epic Balanced leader with damaging combos and generally low costs. Both of her specials are high damage moves

New Characters / 1.21.2022

Adam Park (Zeo Green) Joins the Fight in Legacy Wars!

Adam Park (Zeo Green) enters the Grid! Adam Park is an Epic Defender with a very fast disruptor and easy to combo specials. One of his specials has enough range to

New Characters / 1.04.2022

Carter Grayson joins the fight in Legacy Wars!

Carter Grayson joins the fight in Legacy Wars Carter Grayson is a Legendary Attacker with easy to use combos and good range. All of his skills combo into each other,

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