Aisha Campbell joins the battle in Legacy Wars

New Characters / 6.03.2022


It’s time to boogie with the bear! Aisha is a Balanced Ranger that is strong and agile, pushing the limits of her Ninjetti skills. This Yellow Ninja Ranger will surprise your enemies from smoke screen attacks to launching them into the air.


Primary 1: Shinobi Strikes
Type: Strike
Cost: 3
Aisha performs a spinning and agile combo, and finishes with a powerful kick attack. If the 3rd hit stuns the enemy, then a second animation is triggered with a reversal launch and a final attack.


Primary 2: Underground Attack
Type: Strike
Cost: 2
Aisha disappears underground, quickly approaches and ambushes the enemy by reappearing from the ground with a strong attack.


Special 1: Ninjetti Skills
Type: Breaker
Cost: 4
A dashing attack that if it connects, a smoke bomb will launch the enemy into the air and finish them off with a strong attack from underground.


Special 2: Ninja Backflip
Type: Breaker
Cost: 4
A backflip attack using her agile Ninjetti skills. If the first attack connects, Aisha attacks with a powerful combo and big explosion at the end.


Assist: Smoke Screen
Type: Disruptor
Cost: 3
A big explosion resulting from a smoke screen that hits the enemy and throws them into the air.


Super: Berserker Bear
Aisha slams the ground, charging up power to deliver a heavy blow with the force of a bear.