Kamdor joins the battle in Legacy Wars!

New Characters / 5.06.2022


Kamdor is an Epic Defender that excels at punishing an opponent’s mistake and pushing them to the corner. In the neutral game, he has mid range moves to catch a back dashing opponent and short range moves to wall-out a forward dashing opponent. His moves are on the slow side, so you’ll need to play patiently and wait for the proper moment. Once you get that moment, the opponent will get pushed all the way across the stage with his beefy specials, allowing him to play defense once more. 3 of his 4 skills are guaranteed combo starters, so he has no problem capitalizing on any kind of opening. If you’ve got a strong set of Legacy Wars fundamentals and like to control the pace of a match, Kamdor just might suit you perfectly.


Primary 1: Unarmed Combo
Type: Strike
Cost: 3

A 4 hit combo ending in knockback. The dash cancel isn’t until the 2nd hit, so it isn’t very useful as a strikeout. Because the 3rd hit is a sweep, it can be used for a mixup. The first 2 hits also have short range, which can be surprisingly useful at throwing off a player’s rhythm.

Primary 2: Double Slash
Type: Disruptor
Cost: 4
A disruptor that goes a little over the length of a dash and sweeps the opponent. It can combo easily into any of Kamdor’s skills, regardless of stage position. Although it’s near impossible to dodge, it can be blocked on reaction.

Special 1: Double Bladed Baton
Type: Breaker

Cost: 4
A multi-hit breaker that ends in knockback. If the opponent avoids the first hit, you can dash cancel it to avoid being punished. If uncancelled, it goes the whole length of the stage, guaranteeing a hit against an opponent without a strike ready.

Special 2: Clone Strikes
Type: Strike

Cost: 5
A strike that triggers a follow-up animation if it connects, knocking back the opponent. It’s challenging to block on reaction, though it is possible. This is Kamdor’s most damaging attack, it’s key to land it as often as possible.

Assist: Malicious Escape
Type: Breaker

Cost: 4
A slow breaker that knocks back the opponent. The range isn’t great and it isn’t a fast breaker, but it makes up for this by being one of the most damaging assists. Pair this with leaders that can open up the opponent with cheap strikes.

Sample Combo

Double Slash → Unarmed Combo
Most of the time, you’ll need to dash after Double Slash to continue a combo.

Double Bladed Baton → Clone Strikes
Using both of Kamdor’s specials back to back is the most damage you can do without bringing assists into the mix.

VS Skull

-Kamdor’s strikes aren’t great at beating breakers. Any breakers with decent range can be a nightmare for him to deal with, so use them often.
-Kamdor is great for maintaining a lead, but isn’t good for making comebacks. If you have a lead against him, don’t take any crazy risks; play safe and counter his slower moves.

Advanced Tips

Whiffing Unarmed Combo
Because an eagle-eyed opponent can block the 2nd hit of Unarmed Combo without too much trouble, you may need to get used to using it at a range where the first 2 hits miss. With practice, you can hit with only the 3rd and 4th hit to do things like punish a missed block. You can also mix-up a cornered opponent by backdashing before using the skill.

Assist Choice
It’s a rare sight for Kamdor to use all 10 of his energy in a combo without assists. You’ll want to almost exclusively use 3 cost or 2 cost assists to help push his damage to the limit. Kamdor doesn’t need to worry much about covering for attack type weaknesses or converting into a combo, so focus purely on finding a way to use 10 energy or more.