Venjix Virus Hacks the Grid in Legacy Wars!

New Characters / 3.19.2022


Venjix hacks the grid in Legacy Wars

Venjix is a Legendary Defender with an assortment of fast combo starters. It’s never safe to stand next to him, which may cause opponents to panic and attack right into a block. 3 of his 4 moves start combos, so he can always cash out any opening with a full combo. His attack costs are cheap, too, so pestering the opponent with constant attacks is also possible. One of the harder to notice benefits of Venjix is that most of his attacks have very short recovery, so missing completely doesn’t leave him open to counterattack. Last but not least, Venjix can reduce the opponent’s energy and inflict damage over time, causing some annoying headaches for anyone unfortunate enough to give him the chance.


Primary 1: Network Disruptor
Type: Disruptor
Cost: 3
A 50/50 cancel combo with the added spice of being a disruptor. It knocks back on the final hit, but Venjix has no trouble comboing afterward with the help of a dash. The first hit has a lot of range, making it possible to enforce a mixup from a whole dash away. If the first hit manages to miss, the final hit moves forward even further, giving the move full screen range in total.

Primary 2: Failure Merge
Type: Breaker
Cost: 3
A quick laser that reverse launches the opponent. It is fast to come out, making it perfect for catching a defensive opponent by surprise. It can be dodged outside of point blank range, but the dodge has to be pre-emptive.

Special 1: Virus Transfer
Type: Striker
Cost: 3
A super quick strike that shoots out a follow up if it connects. If it hits, it causes damage over time to the opponent and reduces their EP. It has poor range, but its speed, damage over time, and ability to combo afterward are more than enough to make up for it.

Special 2: Glitch
Type: Breaker
Cost: 4
A breaker that triggers a follow-up on hit and knocks back the opponent. While it is his slowest move and it is reactable by the opponent, it’s still not easy to react to by any means. It’s Venjix’s most damaging attack.

Super: Hacked
Builds by dealing damage and taking damage. You won’t be able to build it up more than once per match.

Performs an uncounterable short-ranged attack that does good damage and inflicts damage over time. While it is possible to combo after word with something fast enough, this is usually only possible while the opponent is cornered.

Assist: Malware Strike
Type: Strike
Cost: 3
A strike assist that stuns the opponent, inflicts damage over time, and reduces the opponent’s EP by 4. Most of that EP will be back by the time they recover from stun, but needing to wait at all before getting back to 10 EP is enough to cause them a hassle. It’s slow and easy to block, but it makes for an excellent combo finisher.

Sample Combo

Failure Merge → Hacked → Virus Transfer → Glitch
Virus Transfer is the most reliable method for comboing after Hacked, but it does require the opponent to be in the corner.

VS Venjix

  • If you get hit by Venjix’s damage over time, you can hit him to cancel it out. However, Venjix’s moves are cheap enough that he may be able to hit you once again for trying. Unless the damage over time will defeat you, it’s best to play it safe and not pursue him immediately.
  • Venjix gets far more Super gauge built from dealing damage than from taking it. If you never give Venjix the opportunity to combo you, you won’t need to worry about his super.

Advanced Tips

Mid-stage Virus Transfer
If Virus Transfer is used while the opponent is cornered, the projectile doesn’t need to travel to hit them. Compare this with outside the corner, where there’s extra time for Venjix to move around before the opponent recovers. If you can manage to end a combo this way (usually after Failure Merge to get them out of the corner) you’ll recover more energy than is otherwise normally possible.

When to use Hacked
Comboing into Hacked is a guarantee, but it can also be used to get a hit against a scared opponent. Venjix has generally poor range, so opponents are incentivized to get away. Once they are cornered, dash up and use Hacked, and they won’t have any way to get away from you. Also because you hit it in the corner, you can combo into Virus Transfer or another fast attack.