Developer Diary #1: Top Questions and Answers from Players

Dev Blog / 3.17.2017


How much does the game cost?

  1. Power Rangers: Legacy Wars is a completely free-to-play mobile game. Buying in-app purchases can certainly enhance the experience, but you can enjoy and progress in the game without spending anything as well.

Are there plans to add more characters than the ones currently?

  1. Yes. Most definitely yes. We want to include as many characters from the franchise as possible. We might even see some non-Ranger heroes and villains joining the stage. You can stay updated by checking our Facebook page and our website for announcements.


How does the Alliance system work? Can you provide us with a brief rundown?

  1. The Alliance system is a place for players build a community within the game. You can chat with members of your Alliance and even request donations for Warrior’s Zeo Shards from other players. This can help when you need just a few more Shards for that upgrade you’ve been literally dying (in game) to get! We’ll be adding more features as we go along too, like friendly battles between Alliance members.


Can you explain the “Combat” system?

  1. There’s been a lot of speculation that this game is a twitch-based fighting game and we have to stress that it’s not. We use a card base system based on Power which determines if you can perform your attack or not.  Each Warrior has their own signature move set and has the additional bonus of having 2 Assist Warriors on their team. The Assists work like an extra attack that you can change just by changing up your team. All moves have a type: Strike, Breaker or Defense. These attack types beat each other in a rock-paper-scissors like system.  Ours works like this: Strike beats Breaker, Breaker beats Defense, and Defense beats Strike.You have to manage your Power, your attacks, your defense and your team while considering the timing of your moves and what your attacks are strong or weak against. Timing is everything!

Can you explain what progression is like in Power Rangers: Legacy Wars?

  • There are four ways you can progress, which also gives you a lot of strategic variation.
  • The first is who you pick for your team. Attack type is important and so is the Warrior’s Class. Warrior Classes: Defender, Attacker, and Balanced have different overall fighting style from close combat heavy hitters, lightning fast attackers, and long ranged fighters.  
  • The second is how strong your Warriors are in terms of levels which increases how much damage and how much health they have.
  • Third is how strong your Warriors’ Special Abilities are. Special Abilities can be upgraded independently from the Warrior themselves to increase the attack’s damage
  • And finally is you, the player. Your level determines how strong your Warriors can become while your medal count determines what League you’ll fight in and subsequently what rewards you’ll be given when you win.


Can you explain the “Leadership” system?

  1. Leaders are your main Warriors in combat. They’re the ones who’re doing the fighting and taking the damage.  They have their own unique signature attacks and abilities as their standard set of moves. And then we have the Assists. Assist Warriors form the rest of your team. They’re like a customizable move that can complement your Leader’s fighting style. Does your Leader have a lot of long ranged attacks that leave you helpless at close range? No worries! Assign an Assist to your team that’s able to deal damage at close range or one who can knock back your opponent to give you some breathing room.


Can you explain what the Rewards are for winning battles?

  1. Yes, there are plenty of prizes for the winning player. You can earn Power Coins, Corruption Points and Morph Boxes. The Morph Boxes are the most prized of all rewards and come with different amounts, quality and type of loot.
  • Power Coins: The ever important currency that you can use in the shop and to help pay for Unlocking and Upgrading Warriors
  • Power Crystals: Premium currency, while rare, can still be found in Morph Boxes. Used for purchases in the store and for speeding up the process of opening the PvP Reward Morph Boxes.
  • Zeo Shards: Collect these, along with some Power Coins, to unlock and upgrade your Warriors
  • Orbs of Eltar: This is a special one that only appears in the Corruption Morph Box and in Morph Boxes purchased from the store. These are used for upgrading a Warrior’s Special Abilities for that extra “oomph”.

What happens if I can’t win matches and get resources to upgrade my Warriors? Do I have to make purchases from the store to progress?

  1. Win matches; get stuff from Morph Boxes. That’s all well and good but say you’re having some serious bad luck and have been on a major losing streak. Never fear, we’ve got you covered with the Free & Corruption Morph Boxes.  The Mighty Morph Box is free and available after a set amount of time and will contain some very limited and common Loot. It’ll always be there for you whether you’re playing or not. The Corruption Morph Box gives a much better payout but asks for something in return. It doesn’t ask for much, just that you do some serious damage whenever you fight, regardless of whether you win or lose. Do enough damage and you can open it for some fantastic loots.


Is there an “Achievements” system in the game and what do you get in return?

  1. Yes! What game doesn’t have Achievements these days and we all love them. Whenever you’ve completed an Achievement you’ll be able to claim some xp and some Power Crystals. The more difficult the challenge the better the reward.


In your opinion, which characters have the “best” team composition?

  1. When you take into account the different ways to upgrade and possible strategies, player’s own personal fighting style and what the opponent’s team looks like; it’s really tough to say. The best thing to do is to try out different combinations of Leaders and Assists. See who works well together and who doesn’t. See who’s strong against a Warrior and who is maybe not as strong. Find your ideal team, then find their counter. Be prepared for whomever or whatever comes your way.