Black Ninja Ranger (Adam Park)

New Characters / 2.07.2020


Adam Park shows off the power of Ninja!

Adam is a balanced leader with an emphasis on speed and deception. With his quick strikes and sneaky teleport attacks, he is a threat regardless of distance. In his super mode, he has both a strike and a disruptor to ensure he’ll have the tools to take on whatever the opponent does next.


Primary 1: Twin Slicer
Type: Strike
Cost: 3
After two quick kicks, Adam sends out a clone for a divekick. It quickly knocks opponents off their feet, so it’s great for starting or extending combos.

Primary 2: Vanishing Drop

Type: Strike

Cost: 4

After a vanishing trick, Adam drops down from above the opponent. Adam can dash cancel during the puff of smoke for a fake out.

Special 1: Explosive Escape
Type: Breaker

Cost: 3
Adam vanishes and leaves behind a trap before reappearing further away. The first part of the animation is identical to Vanishing Drop, making it ideal for tricking the opponent.

Special 2: Flanking Frog
Type: Breaker

Cost: 4

A deceptively fast elbow attack that leads into a sequence of Adam and his clone attacking from both sides. This is Adam’s most damaging attack, making it great for ending a combo.

Super Activation: Maximum Ninjetti

After activation, Adam gets access to two new moves and instantly recovers 2 energy. The super mode ends when one of the super attacks is used.

Super 1: Leap Frog
Type: Strike
Cost: 4
A flurry of attacks from Adam and his clone. The first hit is a quick sweep, preventing the opponent from blocking the remaining hits.

Super 2: Shredding Star
Type: Disruptor
Cost: 4

This disruptor is two attacks in one. If it connects, Adam throws a large ninja star that staggers the opponent. If he uses it to counter a strike, he teleports above the opponent and drops down with a punch.

Assist: Star Burst

Type: Disruptor
Cost: 4
Adam leaps into action with a series of three flying kicks followed by an explosive shuriken that launches the opponent for a combo. This assist is quite fast for a disruptor, so you can use it either aggressively or defensively.

Sample Combos

Vanishing Drop → Explosive Escape → Twin Slicer
This is the most damage Adam can get without super when starting with Vanishing Drop. Whether you’re mid-stage or in the corner, the combo will work the same way.


Twin Slicer → Explosive Escape → Super → Leap Frog → Flanking Frog
Explosive Escape is the ideal time to activate super because the launch gives more time to recover EP. Twin Slicer knocks back, so this combo will only work in the corner.

VS Adam Parker tips

When Adam does Vanishing Drop, you can avoid it with a well-timed dodge.

If you dodge backward to avoid the kicks of Twin Slicer, always use this opportunity to block the clone.

-If Adam uses Twin Slicer to strikeout your Breaker, you have enough time to block the 2nd hit of the attack.

-If the Adam player is relying a lot on his breakers, you can assume that a block is covering up his primary slot. You can use this opportunity to go for a breaker of your own.

-When Adam decides to activate super in a neutral situation, your best bet is to block. Aside from any assists he has, he doesn’t have a breaker in super mode.

Advanced Tips

Using Super Mode Defensively
Activating super is great in combos, but you can also use it to help with defense. If you don’t have a block, you can activate super to ensure a disruptor is available. You can also try to activate super as a twitch reaction and use the timestop to determine the appropriate response.

Adam’s Unique Dash
Adam’s dash goes the same distance as other characters, but most of the movement happens early on in the animation. You can use this burst of speed to launch a surprise attack.