Carter Grayson joins the fight in Legacy Wars!

New Characters / 1.04.2022


Carter Grayson joins the fight in Legacy Wars

Carter Grayson is a Legendary Attacker with easy to use combos and good range. All of his skills combo into each other, and the overall low cost of his attacks ensures that he can attack frequently. His two mixup strikes have enough range that the opponent is often forced to respect them at all times. When the going gets tough, he gets access to a super attack that can help finish off the opponent.


Primary 1: Rescue Combo
Type: Strike
Cost: 3

A 3 hit combo ending in a knockback. Once the first hit connects, the opponent can’t block. It’s fairly reactable, but has decent range and can be dash cancelled during startup.

Primary 2: Thermo Blaster
Type: Breaker
Cost: 3

A breaker projectile with average speed that knocks back the opponent and applies damage over time. Its low cost makes it fairly low risk to throw out at mid range and see how the opponent reacts.

Special 1: Blaster V Shot
Type: Breaker
Cost: 4

Another breaker projectile that knocks back, but it’s faster than Thermo Blaster. Despite its faster speed, it’s got a longer animation total, making it much easier to punish with strikes. If the opponent manages to dash through the projectile, you can dash cancel before the final hit in order to stay safe.

Special 2: V-Lancer
Type: Strike
Cost: 4

A 50/50 strike with high damage that launches the opponent. Its range makes it challenging for opponents to get away from. The resulting combos from this attack can be devastating, which will make opponents want to block it.

Super: Lightspeed Rescue Arsenal

An uncounterable punch that leads into a lengthy combo on hit. The super gauge increases from taking damage, and it becomes available at about 50% HP remaining. It’s impossible to get a true combo afterward, so try using it when you’ve got no energy left.

Assist: Rescue Bird
Type: Strike
Cost: 3

A projectile assist that inflicts damage over time and knocks back the opponent. Its claim to fame is its dash cancel before the attack. This gives you access to all kinds of trickery that your leader may not be capable of.

Sample Combos

Blaster V Shot → V-Lancer

There’s just enough time to dash forward and use V-Lancer’s impressive range after a full screen Blaster V Shot.

Thermo Blaster → V-Lancer → Dash → Rescue Combo

After V-Lancer, be sure to dash in order to recover energy before the next attack. Even if a combo only costs 10 energy to do, it never hurts to get a little extra energy for the next engagement.

VS Carter Grayson

-It goes against the usual advice, but don’t worry too much about running away quickly after finishing a combo on him. Pre-emptive backdashes instead of reactive ones are the way to go, thanks to the range of his mixups.  As long as you’ve got a strike to beat his breakers, you don’t have much to lose by being in the corner.

-If you have a way to dish out huge damage in a single combo, it can be a good idea to leave Carter with just barely enough health to not have his super ready, then fish for your biggest combo starter.

-When starting an offense against Carter, breakers aren’t as risky as they are against most leaders. One of his strikes is slow, leaving him open to a counter, and his other strike is only a mixup instead of a guaranteed punish.

Advanced Tips

Mixup after Super

It’s impossible to combo after Lightspeed Rescue Arsenal, but you do have enough advantage to use V-Lancer and force them to guess on whether you’ll finish it. This kind of 

Cycling out Breakers

Carter’s more useful attacks to start an offense are his strikes, but inevitably you’ll be stuck with only breakers. If you need to cycle them out, do so from one dash away. The opponent attempting to dash forward through your attack is a bit risky for them, and they’ll be too far away to interrupt your breaker with most strikes.