Psycho Green

New Characters / 12.25.2019


Psycho Green has arrived to Legacy Wars, and he’s going all out!

Psycho Green is an epic attacker that’s built for aggression. He has plenty of tricks to help open up the opponent’s defenses, average EP costs that help him keep a steady rhythm in battle, and great combo compatibility. He may not have much trouble landing hits, but you’ll need to pay attention to his Psycho Stack counter to really get the most out of his damage.

Introducing Psycho Stack

Psycho Stack is a damage buff that’s unique to Psycho Green. Each hit you land with strikes will add a stack for a maximum of 10, and then using a breaker will spend it all for extra damage. Assists do not affect the Psycho Stack counter.

Watch out, because Psycho Green will lose 1 stack each time he gets hit!

The stacks count from 0 to 10, but there are 4 levels to it. In addition to looking at the counter on screen, you can also look at the effects surrounding Psycho Green to gauge his buff level.
0-3 stacks: Level 0 (base breaker damage)
4-6 stacks: Level 1 (+33% breaker damage)
7-9 stacks: Level 2 (+86% breaker damage)
10 stacks: Level 3 (+140% breaker damage)

Like Lord Drakkon, Psycho Green has 2 mixup strike primaries that are useful for comboing into his 2 breaker specials. Unlike Lord Drakkon, you may sometimes want to use all of your EP on strikes even if your breakers are available.

Primary 1: Seething Slash
Type: Strike
Cost: 3
A 3-hit combo that can be dash cancelled after the 1st hit. The 2nd hit is a sweep, making this a 50/50 mixup strike. It’s quite easy to combo into and out of this attack.

Primary 2: Purging Storm

Type: Strike

Cost: 4

Another 3-hit mixup combo, but the dash cancel is before the 1st hit. The remaining hits can’t be blocked once it connects, which makes it a great punishment tool.

Special 1: Helm Breaker
Type: Breaker

Cost: 4
A breaker with modest range that increases in damage based on the Psycho Stack level. While its range isn’t the best,it can be dash cancelled during attack startup as a fakeout. If you cancel, Psycho Stacks will not be cashed out.

Special 2: Sadistic Strike
Type: Breaker

Cost: 4

A breaker with excellent range that increases in damage based on the Psycho Stack level. It lacks the cancel that Helm Breaker has, but the range more than makes up for it.


Assist: Malicious Intent
Type: Strike
Cost: 4
A strike assist that’s easily blockable on reaction but covers a long distance and is guaranteed after the first hit. Because this assist is difficult to avoid, it’s often a good idea to use it when the opponent is low on EP.

Sample Combos
Seething Slash → Purging Storm → Seething Slash

A simple combo for gaining 9 stacks. If you can avoid damage long enough to regain your energy after this, you’re one strike away from getting Psycho Stack to max level.

Sadistic Strike → Purging Storm → dash or taunt → Seething Slash
The ideal combo to land when starting with a breaker. On top of spending whatever stacks you had on the breaker, it builds 6 more afterward. Combos like this work just fine if you regain 1EP after the launch, but you can regain 2 with precise timing.

VS Psycho Green tips
Don’t try to backdash Purging Storm! Make a snap judgement whether to block or not.


If Psycho Green doesn’t have many stacks stored up, try blocking any time he strikes. The reward you get for successfully blocking is greater than his reward for baiting your block.


-If given the choice between going for high damage attacks or attacks that hit multiple times, remember that multiple hits will reduce his Psycho Stack counter more.

-Psycho Green uses his primary slot more often than his special slot. If you’re certain that your opponent has a block covering up that slot, you can afford to start playing a bit more defensively.

Advanced Techniques

Backdash before Seething Slash
The 2nd hit of Seething Slash has a little more range than the first, which lets you backdash and intentionally miss the 1st hit to start a combo with the 2nd hit.

You can’t do this if you’re cornered, so hang on to stage control as best you can.

Sadistic Strike’s action branch point
Sadistic Strike can branch into other actions slightly sooner than Helm Breaker. This makes it better for a “breaker trap”, where the player that used a breaker is still able to block a strikeout attempt that wasn’t quite fast enough.

With this in mind, you can use Sadistic Strike a bit more proactively.