S.P.D Omega Ranger enters the Grid!

New Characters / 5.01.2020


Sam, the Omega Ranger, comes to the rescue!

Sam is a leader built for getting up close and personal. With two 50/50 strikes and two breakers, he has what it takes to open up even the most stubborn defenses. He also has an unblockable super attack, Light Beam Mode, to help close out a match.


Primary 1: Omega Combo
Type: Strike
Cost: 3
A triple kick combo. The 1st hit can be dash cancelled. If you connect the 2nd hit, the 3rd hit can’t be blocked.

Primary 2: Hyper Mode
Type: Strike

Cost: 3

A blazing fast series of 8 punches. The 1st hit can be dash cancelled. Starting with the 3rd hit, the opponent will be stunned. If it’s used in a juggle combo, the opponent won’t be stunned.

Special 1: Electro Mode
Type: Breaker

Cost: 3
An electric projectile attack that travels along the ground and stuns the opponent. This attack is slow and hard to combo into without the use of assists.

Special 2: Blast Mode
Type: Breaker

Cost: 4
Sam’s most damaging move, and the only leader attack he has that isn’t a 3 cost. It’s easy to combo into it, but difficult to combo afterward unless you have the opponent cornered.


Super: Light Beam Mode

A punch and upward kick that, if they connect, is followed by a diving punch from the sky. Like Devon’s and RJ’s super attacks, Light Beam Mode is unblockable. It’s impossible to combo after this attack.

Assist: Omega Strikes
Type: Strike
Cost: 4
A fullscreen attack that knocks back opponents when it connects. It does more damage than most assists and can only be blocked, not avoided. It’s great to use when the opponent is low on energy.

Sample Combos

Blast Mode → Omega Combo → Hyper Mode → Light Beam Mode
A damaging combo that requires the opponent to be in the corner

Omega Combo → Trini Assist → Electro Mode

With the help of an assist, you can finish a combo with Electro Mode. Finishing a combo with a stun allows a lot of time to recover energy before the opponent regains control.

VS Sam tips
Sam’s mixups are powerful, but he has poor reach. Dodge backwards when you predict an attack, rather than impulsively backing yourself into a corner.

Sam doesn’t gain super gauge for taking damage. If you can avoid getting hit, you won’t need to worry about the threat of Light Beam Mode.

-Sam doesn’t have many ways of sending you flying backward, so you’ll have an easier time keeping Sam cornered compared to most characters.


-If Sam doesn’t have you cornered, it may be relatively safe to use easily blockable moves against him. Electro Mode and Blast Mode are his guaranteed combo starters, and Blast Mode will only lead to a combo if he has you in the corner.

Advanced Tips

Using Light Beam Mode to start offense
Light Beam Mode is ideally used to finish a combo, but sometimes you’ll be able to land it on its own against an opponent that’s cornered. When that happens, you may not be able to combo afterward, but you’ll at least be able to act first. This gives you just enough time to go for the usual 50/50 strike.

Using Electro Mode
Electro Mode is slow and hard to combo into, so it is best used after tricking an opponent into blocking with a dash cancelled strike. Even if they don’t take the bait, the attack recovers quickly enough and only costs 3 energy so you won’t be too disadvantaged.